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    Bed Bug Blue Pro

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    Product description

    Bed bug detection can be a difficult task for pest professionals. Thanks to Bed Bug Blue PRO™, we can eliminate the guesswork. Bed Bug Blue PRO™ quickly and accurately identifies the presence of bed bug within minutes.


    How does it work?

    One of the easiest ways to detect the presence of bed bugs is through fecal staining. Since bed bugs only feed on blood, they’re fecal matter is essentially a digested form of blood. Although it sounds obvious, fecal spots are difficult to confirm whether they’re from bedbugs or not, and this is why Bed Bug Blue™ and Bed Bug Blue PRO™ is so effective. These stains are little black dots that can be found in many places i.e. the baseboards, bedside tables and in most cases, the mattresses and box springs. Simply swab the suspicious stains and test the on the Bed Bug Blue PRO™ detection tape. If the tape turns blue after a minute, then the spots you swabbed are from bed bugs.

    Bed Bug Blue PRO™ is convenient and can be easily carried around by pest professionals for quick inspection of suspicious spot. It can be used for:

    • Students in dorms or apartments
    • Hotel rooms
    • Business owners to reassure staff who are concerned about potential fecal spots
    • Confirm that spots identified by a pest professional are indeed from bed bugs
    • Test used furniture and clothes before purchasing

    What’s included?

    • Instruction guide
    • Cotton swabs
    • One bottle of developer fluid
    • Bed Bug Blue PRO™ detection tape with 100 tests

    How to test?

    1. Place one or two drops of the spot detection fluid on a cotton swab
    2. Wipe the swab on the suspicious spots to test for bed bug fecal matter
    3. Dab the swab immediately onto the test strip
    4. Wait one minute for the development of colour
    5. No colour, no bed bugs. However, the color blue means bed bugs are present. If this is the case, please contact us for an effective treatment plan.


    • 100 tests
    • Quickly and accurately identifies bed bug fecal spotting
    • Any pest professional can use Bed Bug Blue PRO™ to confirm the presence of bed bugs
    • Portable and conveniently sized PCOs
    • Perfect for landlords to test confirm a bed bug presence
    • Designed to aid in the identification of fecal spots left behind by hidden bed bugs
    • Distinguishes between bed bug spotting and other marks, providing the user with the confidence in a bed bug diagnosis
    • Test windows turn blue when a sample of bed bug spotting is applied.
    • Intended for property managers and pest professionals with the need to perform many tests
    • Contains no harmful chemicals or pesticides

    Note: Bed Bug Blue PRO™ uses a proprietary developer fluid and tape to turn blue at the presence of bed bugs. In general, this test is detecting the presence of blood in the fecal spotting. In order to avoid false positive results, we recommend understanding the look and general properties of bed bug fecal spotting in order to avoid testing fecal spots from other insects that do not meet the general characteristics of bed bug spotting. Bed bug fecal spots appear like mold spots when in clusters and are generally black or very dark brown. They will smear like charcoal and retain their dark color when using a cotton swab.



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    Bed Bug Blue Pro

    $139.99 CAD

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