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    Pot-It™ Plant & Garden Diatomaceous Earth 300G

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    Product description

    KNOCK DOWN ECO™ POT-IT Crawling Insect Control & Killer Bait Powder is formulated using FOOD GRADE NATURAL FRESH WATER DIATOMACEOUS EARTH (DE) and two FOOD GRADE baits. DE is a form of amorphous silica consisting of fossilized remains of diatoms belonging into a major group of algae, one of the most common types of phytoplankton.


    KNOCK DOWN ECO™ POT-IT Crawling Insect Control & Killer Bait Powder kills and controls the listed crawling insect pests indoors and outdoors around homes and gardens.

    HOW IT WORKS: Insects have a thin covering of wax on their bodies that helps to prevent water loss(dehydration). Knock Down Eco™ Crawling Insect Control & Killer Baited Diatomaceous Earth (DE) kills insects through internal and external cutting action which causes dehydration of the insect.

    Besides the DE powder, the formulation contains two food grade baits that attract certain insects to stay longer on the treated (powdered) surfaces and to eat the powder. When insects stop to eat the DE baited powder, the DE particles damage the insect’s gut and water loss occurs through damaged tissue (internal dessication). The formulation can be used as a dry and wet powder.

    • Avoid breathing dust.
    • Do not use as a space spray.
    • Avoid contact with eyes.

    Bug List

    KNOCK DOWN ECO™ POT-IT Crawling Insect Control & Killer Bait Powder will remain effective in controlling the following crawling domestic household and garden pests:

    • ANTS
    • FLEAS
    • SLUGS
    • BED BUGS


    Outdoors (Dry powder)

    Ants, caterpillars, centipedes, millipedes, crickets, potato beetles, slugs, sow bugs

    Lightly coat areas where the pests are found or may hide including patios, windows, door frames and sills, outside of entrance ways, around foundations, and along ant trails. Hit insects directly when possible. For best results, use in areas where dust application cannot be affected by heavy rains or high winds.

    Outdoors (Powder with water)

    Ants, caterpillars, crickets, potato beetles, slugs and sow bugs

    For longer control outdoors, use as wettable powder with water around foundations, shrubs, flowerbeds, gardens, etc. Hit insects direcly where possible. Repeat treatment as necessary.

    Bed Bugs

    Disassemble beds and dust frames, joints, mattresses, tufts and seams, floors and baseboards. Hit insects directly where possible. Repeat treatment as necessary.

    Indoors (Dry powder only)


    Thoroughly dust sleeping quarters of pets and surrounding cracks, crevices, carpeting and baseboards. Hit insects directly where possible. Repeat treatment as necessary.

    Ants, earwigs, silverfish, sow bugs, cockroaches, centipedes, millipedes

    Gently squeeze or shake the container to lightly coat the areas where insects crawl and hide such as cracks or crevices behind and beneath refrigerators, stoves, sinks, cabinets, garbage cans, around pipes and drains, window frames and in attics and basements. Hit insects directly when possible. Repeat treatment as necessary.


    Product Safety Data Sheet EN

    Product Safety Data Sheet FR


    If used inappropriately, any pest control product, including those with natural ingredients, may have health, safety or environmental risks: use this product only in accordance with label instructions.

    Registered in Canada for the uses indicated on the label and can be used safely when the label directions are followed. Health Canada does not recommend, promote or endorse any products.


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    Pot-It™ Plant & Garden Diatomaceous Earth 300G

    $11.89 CAD

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