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    Victor Mini Pest Chaser 1 Speaker 3Pk

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    Product description

    • Plug-in pest-repelling device - for mice, rats and other rodents
    • Ideal for average-size rooms like living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and more
    • Produces a high frequency ultrasound to repel rodents
    • This device is safe for use around children and non-rodent pets
    • Also includes a nightlight feature and provides soft illumination

    Drive away rodents with the Mini PestChaser®, a device that emits an unsettling ultrasound noise that only rodents hear. The Mini PestChaser® is easy to use – just plug it in and it immediately begins generating a noise that’s inaudible to people and most pets, but rodents hate. Additionally, each Mini PestChaser® is equipped with a nightlight feature – a soft light that also lets you know the PestChaser® is emitting ultrasounds. This pack includes 3 discretely designed rodent-repelling devices.


    • Kitchens
    • Living Rooms
    • Basements
    • Bedrooms
    • Dining Rooms


    The Victor Mini PestChaser emits ultrasound at varying volumes (peaking at 100dB) and varying frequencies (ranging from 32 to 62 kHz). These variations prevent rodents from becoming accustomed to the ultrasound and creates an unfriendly environment that discourages infestations.


    The Victor® Ultrasonic PestChaser® has proven results.

    Lab results show:

    • Food consumption was reduced by 67% in treated chambers
    • Rodent tracking board activity decreased 21%

    Field testing offered similar results:

    • In total, PestChaser® successfully repelled the rodents from the protected area in 13 of the 17 sites. This represents an 81.3% success rate.
    • After the devices were activated, 16 sites demonstrated that rodent activity stopped in 3 to 9.
    • The average number of days before rodent activity ceased was six days.


    The Mini PestChaser® is also equipped with a nightlight that provides a soft glow, one that is bright enough to gently illuminate a darkened room. When you see the light, your PestChaser® is in operation.


    Victor® recommends using one Mini PestChaser® per average-size room, including kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms and basements. Plug it in close to the entrance of the room and it will begin operating immediately. Please note that the ultrasound emitted from the PestChaser® cannot penetrate through walls, furniture, cabinets, or any other objects.


    1. Locate an open area, near the entrance of the room to place the Mini PestChaser®.
    2. Plug the Mini PestChaser® into the lower socket of an 110V wall outlet. The night light will illuminate showing the unit is functioning properly.
    3. Clear all surrounding objects away from the PestChaser®.
    4. Then just sit back, relax and forget.


    In order to be truly effective, a pest control effort needs to use several different tools and methods. First, rid your space of rodents using one of the many solutions offered by Victor®, whether your preference is snap, electronic or live traps, there is a solution to fit your needs. After the rodents are eliminated, use the Victor® Mini PestChaser® to keep them from coming back.


    The Mini PestChaser® uses no chemicals or poisons to drive away rodents away. It is safe to use around both children and non-rodent pets when used as directed. The device is intended for indoor use only. Any rodents kept as pets, including mice, rats, gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters and rabbits, should be relocated to a room without a rodent repelling device.


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    Victor Mini Pest Chaser 1 Speaker 3Pk

    $34.16 CAD

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