Home Remedies for Cockroaches

Cockroaches are scavengers by nature. They usually creep around at night and would crawl and consume damp cardboard or food scraps. If you think that your home is infested by these critters, you can always turn to the use of various home remedies for cockroaches and control a cockroach infestation early.

Among the common species at home are American cockroaches and German cockroaches. The American variety is larger. The variety can grow to a length of over 2 inches and can live for about two years. They can also fly.

On the other hand, the German variety is smaller and can live only a year. However, they can lay more eggs than the other variety. This is the reason why this variety is always on the top of pest control experts’ watch lists.


Cockroach Removal Home Remedies You Can Try

There are various cockroach killer home remedies that you can try, but you always have to be cautious with the ones you use around your family. Among the most holistic remedies is mixing certain liquids and powders. However, some are banned by health authorities for safety reasons.

Some of the popular remedies for a roach problem are the following:

  • Water and soap
  • Cucumber peels
  • Bay leaves
  • Citrus juice

However, despite being popular its use doesn’t guarantee the complete eradication of the roaches. They’ll probably leave for a certain period but eventually, come back once you stop using the remedies.

This is the reason why it is recommended for you to use roach killers instead of repellents. The remedies mentioned above only repel the roaches and keep them out of infested areas. Also, they only last for a limited time.

Other Options You Can Try at Home to Get Rid of Cockroaches

There are other options that you can try at home that don’t require the assistance of professionals. These options are readily available and only require you to use it responsibly. This way, you can kill cockroaches and at the same time keep your family and pets safe during treatment.


Among the effective ways of eradicating roaches is by using traps. A crawling insect trap like the Roach Magnet works by attracting and trapping roaches with the use of pheromone technology. It discreetly attracts crawling insects like roaches and traps the critters on its sticky surface.

Check the trap regularly to see the progress of using this solution.  Replace the trap as often as needed, especially when more roaches get caught in it.


Baits work by attracting the roaches by disguising these as food. Once ingested, the insect will go back to their nests and die. Other roaches will then eat its remains and spreading the insecticide in the nest.

A Baited Insecticide contains diatomaceous earth as well as food grade attractants. You can spray it on common areas where you see the roaches or place them inside food scraps. This way, they can ingest it, bring it to their nest, and kill other roaches.

Liquid Concentrates

These options either include that you can dilute with water and spray in cracks and crevices and other entry points. Another alternative is by using the diluted mixture and mop it on the floor. You can also use it to wipe countertops.

Insecticides such as Home Defense Max can be used not only in killing roaches but in also preventing them from getting inside your home. To treat a larger area, you can use the Home Defense Max 2L RTU that comes with a wand for easier application.


Home Remedies for Cockroach in Fridge

If you’re starting to notice that roaches are lurking around your fridge, there are home remedies to get rid of cockroaches that you can try specifically for this area. However, it is recommended before using any remedy for roach.

Steps to Follow in Getting Rid of Roaches in Your Refrigerator

Step 1: Inspect your refrigerator in and out

Observe the characteristics of the cockroaches that you see and identify their variety. This will help you determine their behavioural pattern and determine the right way to remove them.

Step 2: Clean areas behind and under the refrigerator to prevent food particle buildup

While cleaning, check for any egg cases on the refrigerator motor’s surface. Make sure you remove and destroy the cases. Under the refrigerator, get the pan collecting the condensed water and empty its contents.

If you have garbage bins near the fridge, make sure that they have tight-fitting lids. Make it a habit to take out all the garbage. Cardboard, paper and other debris are favourite hiding places of these critters, so always throw them away.

Step 3: Seal Every Single Entry Point

Roaches can reach your fridge because they can find an opening around your home. These openings can be any cracks that are about 1/8 inch or even larger.

They can also use electrical outlets as their paths to get inside your home. Seal all of these possible openings by caulking them.

Step 4: Use an Insecticidal Dust to Create a Barrier

One way to get rid of roaches is by applying am even layer of insecticidal dust around and under the fridge. It will act as a barrier and prevent the roaches from hiding in crevices. Though other pest powders with boric acid are commonly used, diatomaceous earth also provides the same effect and is safer to be used indoors.

Step 5: Utilize Cockroach Traps

As mentioned, traps help in catching cockroaches by immobilizing them as they get lured in its sticky surface. This may not kill roaches immediately, but it can help reduce the number of roaches in your house as you regularly replace it and throw away the trapped ones.

Once you’ve noticed a decrease in the sight of the roaches, you can continuously use repellents and at the same time maintaining a clean house to keep them away.