How to Trap Roaches

If you got roaches and the cockroach infestation is starting to get out of control, then you might be wondering how to get rid of them by using traps. You may not be considering calling for a pest management professional but one method you can try is using cockroach traps.

There is a wide range of cockroach traps that you can find, and the outcome always depends on the level of effectiveness of the trap you use. Some may only kill roaches that are lurking around your home while some can kill an entire colony.


Types of Roach Traps and How to Use Them to Catch and Kill Cockroaches

There are several types of cockroach traps that you can find in the market and each of these traps can also kill roaches in diverse ways. You can choose one that will work effectively in killing roaches and put a stop to your roach problem.

Roach Sticky Traps

It may appear a bit primitive, but cockroach sticky traps are among the best and most effective pest control products that you need as long as you use them properly.

Sticky roach traps are the simplest roach trap you can use, and they are cheap, as long as you get the pesticide-free variations. Some of the downsides you may experience when using these traps are glue getting on your hands and catching other insects and unexpected pests like mice.

These are best used for monitoring and controlling roach infestations. They attract roaches effectively, are sticky, and are big enough for monitoring larger infestations.

If you are dealing with a low-level roach infestation, sticky traps will work effectively for you. A sticky trap helps in reducing roach infestations as it catches occasional stragglers, though it may not wipe out an entire colony. These complement other more aggressive cockroach control strategies.

How to Get Rid of Roaches Using Sticky Traps

To make your sticky trap more effective in the areas where you are planning to place them, give time in monitoring them. Do this by getting a couple of these roach traps and spreading them around suspicious areas. This will show you how bad the roach infestation is and tell you where you should focus on placing these traps.

You can place a glue trap under your refrigerator or inside a kitchen cabinet. Think of cockroach glue traps as watchful sentries killing cockroaches quietly and ruthlessly that last for years.

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Poison Cockroach Bait Traps

Among the most effective and go-to solutions for controlling cockroach populations is the use of poison bait traps. If a glue trap targets roaches individually, cockroach bait traps are made with active ingredients that poison roaches slowly as it spreads to the entire colony and kills it.

This type of roach trap can kill a cockroach within 24 hours. It gives the cockroach ample time to ingest the bait and return to its colony and eventually kills all colony members. You will start noticing fewer roaches in their population within a week or two.

The cockroach bait is formulated with an insecticide that when roaches consume, they die slowly. As the roach dies within the colony, other roaches will consume the corpse. This will start the chain reaction and others will start dying off.

Diatomaceous Earth

If you have already figured out where these nasty critters are regularly roaming and where there is high roach activity, you can start sealing openings using a clear caulk.

Aside from sealing openings, you can start sprinkling diatomaceous earth around openings or possible entryways. To lure roaches, you can mix flour and cocoa with diatomaceous earth and sprinkle it near entrances or where this creepy crawlies usually pass by. Remember that cocoa powder may stain carpets so you might want to consider placing it on dark-coloured carpets when mixing it with diatomaceous earth.

How Diatomaceous Earth Kills Roaches

Diatomaceous earth is safe and non-toxic to humans and pets. It effectively kills insects by destroying the exoskeletons.

In exchange for diatomaceous earth, you can use any commercial insecticide dust when trying to get rid of roaches permanently. Another option is the use of borax powder as a replacement for diatomaceous earth.

Mechanical Roach Traps

When it comes to mechanical traps, it will require a bit of ingenuity. Either you get one off the shelves that are manufactured for this very purpose, or you can create one. These roach traps catch roaches without the use of messy roach glue traps or chemicals.

Regardless of the types of traps you use, you will be the only one to decide on the best roach traps. Whichever works for you and can help you eliminate roaches is sure to be the best and something you would prefer using in case another roach infestation starts.

How to Make a Pesticide-Free and Effective Roach Traps

To start controlling roach populations, you can always rely on items you can find in your home. Below is a complete instruction on how to create a roach trap.

  • Get a 2-litre soda bottle and cut the top off. Cut the part where the curve starts in the bottle.

  • Put some cooking spray, petroleum jelly, or Vaseline on the inside part of the bottle. Make sure that you do not put any on the outside. Invert the top part and put it back in the bottle. This should look like a funnel. Duct tape the edges to prevent it from falling inside and prevent roaches from escaping.

  • 3Using fabric or duct tape, wrap the outside of the bottle so roaches can climb up and let the roaches enter the trap.

  • As bait, you can use a piece of bread that is soaked in beer or any non-alcoholic beer. Just place it at the bottom of the trap. After this, you can place the homemade trap in corners, under sinks, or anywhere where roach activities are suspected.

  • Leave it overnight and simply place it along a cabinet or wall.

  • Check the roach trap frequently and change the bait every couple of days since it may mold easily.

  • Trapping roaches do not end here. You need to kill the trapped roaches inside. Do this by either freezing them or pouring hot soapy water inside the bottle. Simply flush down the dead roaches in the toilet or empty the bottle in the garbage. You can put another bait inside and set it again to trap more cockroaches.

Aside from a soda bottle, you can also create a jar trap out of the same instructions above or any tall bottle. Repeat set up your homemade cockroach traps for a few days, and you will notice a decrease in the roach population. Aside from trapping an infestation, this homemade roach trap can also help you in monitoring and control the problem.

What You Should Look for in Cockroach Traps

There are some things that you should consider looking for in cockroach traps. It should not only attract roaches and trap roaches. It should also get rid of them most effectively and conveniently. Below are some of the important things that you should consider when looking for traps to get rid of roaches:

Bait Type

If you want to trap roaches effectively, you should use an effective bait. This can be a food or liquid bait to attract cockroaches. You can even find a manufactured one with gel bait to make it more effective.

Since they always look for water or food, you should make sure that the baits or traps you use are effective roach killers. There are some roach traps with food and liquid bait as roach killers that attract more roaches from their hiding spaces.

Active Ingredients

When searching for cockroach traps, they should include active ingredients that are not harmful to pets and children. It should work in attracting roaches or even baby roaches, but should not pose a health risk to you, your family, and your pets.

Application Method

One of the things that you should keep in mind is how involved you can be once you start setting your roach traps or bait. This will help determine the type of application method suitable for your situation.

The simplest method is setting traps around your home and disposing of the traps once they are full.

When it comes to larger infestations, you might consider applying products on common routes used by roaches in your home. The application methods that are suitable for situations like these are powders or aerosol sprays. Powders like diatomaceous earth can be sprinkled behind cupboards or appliances. If there is a gel variant you can find, this is best for cracks and crevices.

How to Get Rid of Roaches Permanently

Keep in mind that controlling and getting rid of roaches will take consistent work. Your plan should include the following:

  • Eliminating Water and Food Sources

  • • Getting Rid of Hiding Places

  • Cleaning and Home Repairs

  • Usage of Repellants and Baits

Things to Accomplish for Cleaning and Home Repairs

  • Make sure to caulk all possible entrances through ground-level walls like water pipes and drainpipes.

  • Get rid of standing water and stop water leaks both indoors and outdoors. This includes dirty dishes, pet water dishes, and over-watered plants.

  • Remove garbage and trash regularly.

  • Vacuum furniture and carpets frequently. Crumbs in furniture and carpets are food sources for roaches.

  • Get rid of piles of papers and old boxes where these crawling insects can hide.

  • Make sure that your trash cans have tight-fitting lids.

  • Maintain a clean house by making sure to clean kitchen appliances completely to get rid of the smallest food sources.

  • Remove pet water and food after your pets finish eating.

How to Stop Roaches from Entering your Home

  • Caulk and repair cracks or holes around windows, doors, baseboards, and water pipes. Seal all exterior holes and cracks that you can find outside your home.

  • See to it that windows and doors all fit secured inside their frames to avoid making entry points for these pests. Make sure that there are no holes in window screens.

With all of these things in mind, hungry roaches will have a tough time finding entrances to get inside your home. You just have to make sure that you always maintain a clean home to prevent any roach species from infesting your home.