Mouse Glue Trap: Choosing the Right Mouse Glue Trap for Your Mouse Problem

When left unchecked, a mice infestation can cause serious damage to your home. Undetected and unattended rodent activity can result in your food and other belongings to different kinds of diseases that mice may bring.


Fortunately, there are mouse glue traps that you can rely on to help you in addressing a mice infestation in your home pesticide-free. What you just need to do are:

  • Identify common areas where they lurk

  • Put them in these areas

  • Leave them and check them after a few days

  • Give caught mice final blows before disposing

  • Dispose of the traps whenever mice are caught

  • Replace and change the placements when needed

In no time, mice will get caught in these glue traps. However, you must take into consideration that not all mouse glue traps that you can purchase work equally in capturing mice. It will still depend on the level of rodent activities in your home and your preferences.


Tips in Choosing the Right Mouse Glue Trap for Your Mouse Problem

Before picking a mouse glue trap from the shop, you must lay down all your considerations and priorities. Take time to assess the infestation and set out a plan to achieve effective rodent control. The following are some tips when choosing the right mouse glue trap:

Rats and Mice Activity

Brands and types of glue board traps offer different efficacy that makes each suitable for every situation. Certain rodent control methods may not work if you are not aware of the mice activity in your home.

If the mice problem is still low or at a tolerable level, glue traps will work well. However, you might need a lot of mouse glue traps with stronger adhesives to control larger infestations.

Size of the Traps

After you assessed the activity of these pests in your home, you can now figure out the right size of glue traps that you should get from the store. Most homeowners tend to get small glue traps, but these may be too small to be effective in capturing mice or even one rat.

If the infestation is worse than expected, you should go for heavy-duty glue traps that come with powerful adhesives. This is best if you also have other rodents lurking around your home. You can also try diversifying your rodent control and get an additional trap like a catch-and-release trap or electric trap. This will also help in catching and controlling passing rodents whether they are rats or mice.

Strength of Adhesion

Catching mice effectively cannot be done by just using only one pack of the non-toxic mouse trap. Since this type of mouse trap catches rodents using a sticky surface, you should choose a brand where these rodents can get stuck effectively.


For first-timers, it can be challenging when placing these mouse glue traps. So, you should go for the ones that are easy to use.


If you need more powerful glue traps with stronger adhesives, you might end up spending a lot especially if you need to place more to cover a large infestation. Proper placement, using the right type of rat, and putting several numbers of traps are all needed to make the glue traps more efficient.

Look for areas where you see mice droppings, holes in the walls, and their very presence to know where to place the traps. Always remember that higher-quality traps will always cost much. But you can always cut the cost by getting budget-friendly glue traps from the store.

Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly

Most pest control products are packed with chemicals that can put the health of you, your family, and your pets at risk. These chemicals can also affect the environment.

You should know that most glue traps may not be poisonous to rats or mice but can be dangerous to pets and humans while some have strong odours. Always check the label to ensure that they are non-toxic.

Try to check the reusability of a mouse glue trap as well. There are somewhere the glue starts getting hard when exposed to air so those kinds are not reusable.


Before trying any pest control methods on your own, make sure that you can catch and kill mice. Many get easily squeamish and cannot handle seeing rodents on the glue traps or even finishing them off with one blow. Some just fold the traps and leave them to die. What you should know is that this is more inhumane as you are prolonging the suffering of rodents.

If you cannot deliver the rodents with a final blow, you can opt for other types like standard spring traps, snap traps, electronic, and live traps.

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