Why Do I Have Silverfish in My Bathroom?

Have you ever walked inside your bathroom, looked down and seen these slimy, silvery, and odd-looking bugs slithering across the wet floor? These super creepy-looking insects are called silverfish. Their name says it all. They have flat silver bodies that are about ½ to 1 inch long and move in a fish like motion.

These wiggly insects have three bristles that are protruding in their abdomen. They may seem dangerous like other insects, but they do not sting or bite and do not spread any threatening diseases.


Though they do not pose any significant health risks, these bugs are considered a nuisance pest to many homeowners. This is the main reason you should immediately seek an effective pest control plan before the current silverfish infestation in your home gets worse.

These little creatures feed on anything that contains polysaccharides or starch. Silverfish feed on items such as photos, paper, book bindings, wallpaper glue, and other dry goods. They may be pretty harmless to humans but the damage they make is what makes them a nuisance.

Most of the time, homeowners will end up noticing holes in certain materials or see etch or markings on infested items. There can even be small scales or fossilized remains and fecal remains if the infestation gets worst.

Should I Be Worried if I Find Silverfish in Bathroom?

A silverfish infestation is already a big issue on its own. However, the underlying issue of their presence in your home is something that you should also address. Since silverfish naturally seek moisture to survive, it is not a surprise that your find silverfish in your bathroom.

They will search for highly humid environments and your bathroom along with basements and kitchens are high humidity areas where they would likely stay and breed.


As mentioned, there is a serious underlying problem that is why chose your bathroom even if you try to keep the area dry at all times. Some problems may include:

  • Clogged gutters

  • Leaky pipes

  • Your home’s foundation 

You want to address these issues first not only to get rid of silverfish but also to prevent them from coming back. This will also save you from more damages from neglected water problems.

Are There Silverfish Eggs in The Bathroom if You Find Silverfish There?

If you found adult silverfish in your bathroom, there is a high chance that they were able to find dark places to hide and breed. Silverfish love your bathroom simply because they need moisture to survive. This means that adults are not only hiding in the cracks and crevices in your bathroom but their eggs as well.

They will be a common sight in bathrooms because they require environments with high humidity ranging from 75 to 97 and temperatures ranging from 72° F to 81° F. These factors play important roles for these insects to reproduce, develop, and grow into adults healthily.

How Do These Moisture Pests Get in The Bathroom?

There are many ways how these wiggly insects can get inside your bathroom. Some of these are:

  • Gaps in the windows

  • Torn screens

  • Foundation and wall cracks

  • Holes and gaps in water pipes

Aside from cracks and holes in any part of your bathroom, silverfish can also get inside your bathroom through unintentional transmission.

These bugs can get inside your bathroom through paper products. They can hide in any boxes or paper that you bring inside the bathroom.

Say, for example, you like bringing reading materials to your bathroom. You brought in a box of toilet paper that you have stored improperly or an infested old journal, these can all bring silverfish inside without you knowing.

Since silverfish love quiet, dampness, moisture, and darkness, your bathroom can be the most favourable space for them to sleep, hide, and breed.

If you are into hot showers, the steam will increase the humidity level in your bathroom. If your toilet area has moist and warm spaces, these are attractive breeding grounds for silverfish.

Aside from these reasons, the lack of cleanliness in the bathroom can attract these bugs to your bathroom. Crumbs and dirt can also attract these bugs and invite them to feast and find refuge in this area.


Where to Find Silverfish in the Bathroom

As you confirm the presence of silverfish infestation, you have to identify where they hide inside your bathroom. Since these insects only go out at night, they will only be hiding and sleeping throughout the day. Their usual hiding places in the bathroom include:

Under fabrics and clothes

These bugs love clutter and they feed on starches. Any layer of fabric or clothes on the floor will surely invite these pests.

Under the carpet

These pests can also hide underneath your dirty and old carpet inside your bathroom.

Wall cracks

You should look into tight cracks on your bathroom wall. They are hiding in dark openings where they can enter freely and hide inside.

Bathroom drains

They do not live on the drain, but they are attracted to the darkness, moisture, and warmth that toilet drains have. You will not find them in the sink or bathtub as they are less likely to climb on vertical spaces with smooth surfaces.


Since bathroom pipes have condensation, they also invite silverfish. If you have a leaky pipe under the sink, the silverfish will surely hang in there.

If you want to confirm an infestation, these are the usual places where you should look for them. These are also the places where you should focus on as you address the silverfish problem.

How to Deal with a Silverfish Infestation in the Bathroom

One of the first things that you have to consider doing to get rid of silverfish in the bathroom naturally is finding where they are coming from. Make sure that you check all the hiding places mentioned above and start there. This is an efficient way to ensure that you are stopping where they are coming from and preventing the infestation from getting worse.

There are several ways on how you can deal with a silverfish infestation in the bathroom. You can use natural methods or chemical products.

Natural Methods

The Newspaper Method

This method uses an old newspaper to get rid of silverfish as they love this material and may take a few days before you can make sure that there are no silverfish left in your washroom.

  • Simply roll a piece off newspaper then use rubber bands on both ends to hold it and prevent it from unfolding.

  • Next is moisten the newspaper and place it where you see these bugs are hiding. You have to wait until the bugs start feeding on it and start hiding inside it. They will then get trapped in it.

  • You can leave it for 24 hours to let the bugs get in the newspaper. To make sure that you kill these creatures, you can burn the newspaper instead of throwing it away.


The Jar Method

For this method you need and a glass jar and a bait. You want to use food that attracts these bugs like bread pieces.

Simply put small bread pieces in the jar and use paper tape on the outside part of the jar so that the bugs can crawl on it. Once they get inside the jar, the bugs will be trapped as the inside is slipper and will prevent them from getting out.

Chemical Products

If the methods above did not work for you, you might want to try using chemicals.

The advantage of using these products is that they are formulated with powerful ingredients that can effectively help deal with an infestation. However, the use of chemicals may put your health at risk, so you have to use these products with extra care especially when used with pets and children around.

Some of the chemicals that you can use are:

Diatomaceous Earth Insecticide

This substance is used not only for getting rid of silverfish but other insects like bed bugs or ants as well. Just sprinkle the powder in all possible hiding spots and even in your carpets or corners in your bath. Leave it overnight and vacuum all the powder the following day.

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Simply pour a good amount of this chemical into areas where these bugs hide like sinks and drains and leave it throughout the night. In the morning, simply flush it with water.


Use insecticides that have pyrethrin liquid and spray the areas where these bugs are hiding. Cover the spots completely with the insecticide to make sure you kill the eggs, nymphs, and adults. Make sure that your kids and pets will not access the treated area once done.

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Boric Acid

Use boric acid with care when using it to treat an infestation. Pour the solution around drains and sinks and under your bathtub. Sprinkle it on gaps where you saw these bugs.


Ways to Prevent Silverfish from Staying in the Bathroom

After you worked on getting rid of silverfish in your bath and your house, it is recommended that you also take on preventative measures to avoid future infestations not only in the bath but in your entire house. Follow these steps:

Seal Cracks and Leaking Pipes

Caulk exterior cracks and seal up leaking pipes. This will ensure that there are no damp conditions that will attract them back.

Keep Bathrooms Well-Ventilated

The only way to keep them out of bathrooms is by removing the moisture and humidity. You can keep the doors and windows open or use a bathroom fan to get rid of the extra moisture.

Get Rid of Clutter

Take out all possible hiding areas like clutters such as books, clothing, and old papers to make your house especially your bath less attractive to silverfish.

If you want to prevent silverfish from coming back, you should take away everything that makes your house a favourable place to stay.