Learn more about ants and how you can control an infestation in your residential or commercial establishment.

Different Types of Ants in Canada

Ants are among the most common insects you’ll see in anyone’s house. However, they can be considered as a nuisance when they start causing little damage here and there. Read more here.

Best Indoor Ant Control Steps to Manage Infestations

Ants indoors and outdoors are both annoying and damaging to your property. Not dealing with them can result in an infestation and getting stinging bites here and there. Eradicating these ants needs some patience, knowledge and targeted removal strategies. Learn more about these steps here.

How to Achieve Safe and Effective Outdoor Ant Control

When ants are outdoors, it doesn’t normally create a problem. In fact, it can be advantageous as they prey on fly and flea larvae, aerating the soil and recycling organic matter. However, if they become a nuisance and start infesting indoors, it is about time that you deal with the ant invasion before it gets worse. Learn more here.

Ways to Get Rid of Ants

It may seem normal to have ants almost everywhere. However, it can become a nuisance if you start seeing them on your kitchen countertops or in your kitchen cabinets. There are different ways on how you can repel ants and prevent them from coming back. Read more here.

Ant Life Cycle Stages: Where It All Starts and How a Colony is Made

Most people won’t have any idea how an ant colony starts. Basically, it starts with a single queen. A queen will fly from their home nest along with other queen ants and males to other nests. Know about their life cycle stages here.

Ant Identification Guide

Ants look different when they are in a certain stage of their life cycle. They start with eggs, larvae, pupa, and then adult. When they enter the adult stage, they assume different roles in the nest. Ants have different sizes and colours and these are factors that can help you know the specific role of an ant inside the nest. Get to know more here.

How to Identify the Roles of Ants in their Colonies

Identifying ant roles will help you determine whether the nest is just starting or the ant population is no longer controllable. Learning how to identify how new workers look from those that already matured can help you determine if the ant nest is new or has been built for quite some time. Continue reading here.

Why Do Ants Keep Coming Back Even After Treatment?

Have you been trying to deal with ants but you keep seeing them again after a few days or weeks? One obvious sign that these pests are returning in your home despite setting up ant baits or getting a treatment is new trails of ants. So why don’t they just go away? Click here to learn more.

Foraging and Flying Ant Inspection Guide

Ants become a problem when they start foraging and leaving damages in different parts of your home. At one point you’ll notice that there are ant trails in your home and sometimes you’ll get swarmed by flying ants. Learn more about performing proper inspection here.

How to Use Ant Bait Stations Effectively

Ant bait stations are the most popular solutions available when it comes to dealing with ant infestations. There are outdoor or indoor baits that interfere with the ant digestive system and slowly kills them. Click here to learn more about using ant bait stations.

How to Use Professional Ant Sprays Indoors and Outdoors

Ants become a nuisance once you notice that their population is getting bigger and they are starting to target your stash in the kitchen. Thus, the need for a treatment that kills ants effectively. Continue reading by clicking here.