How Can You Tell Bed Bug Bites from Other Insect Bites

Aside from finding actual bed bugs, identifying bed bugs bites is more difficult to do. This is due to the similarity of the bites with other insect bites. However, there are certain characteristics that only these bites have. These will help you properly identify the bites and confirm that bed bugs are definitely in your home.

Bedbugs bite because they need to get their full blood meal to survive. This is actually a sign of bed bugs that should warn you about a current bedbug infestation. If ever you’ve dealt with an infestation before, you should also treat the bites as soon as possible to avoid infection.

Identifying Bed Bug Bites

It is important that you know how to differentiate bites from other insects with bed bugs. Some of the characteristics that will help you identify the bites made by bed bugs are the following:

1.      Red Rashes, Bite Marks, or Welts in the Morning

If you notice that you have more bite marks in the morning, then it is likely that there is an infestation. There are some that are resistant to bites and only notice the itchy bites after a few days. However, there are some that develop allergic reaction hours or days after getting bitten.

2.      Bites are in Clusters

Since bed bugs feed several times, you will usually find clusters of bites on any part of your body. What makes them unique is that all bugs bite more than once in every meal. Experts refer to this as the bugs’ breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Unlike single-biting insects, these bites come in 3’s. These should push you to look for more signs and symptoms of bed bugs around your home to confirm an infestation. Once confirmed, you should start a pest management plan right away.

3.      Bites Start to Worsen

There are times when the insect bites you noticed, worsen and becomes red, itchy bumps or welts over time. The harsh reaction of some people is because of the anticoagulant released as they bite the human skin. Without proper treatment, it may worsen and become more unbearably painful.

These are the usual characteristics that you would notice when you get bitten by bed bugs. Unlike other insect bites and stings, the ones from bed bugs are seen in groups. At times, these become painful a day or two after getting bitten. If you are allergic to their bites, you will notice adverse reactions upon waking up or hours after you wake up.

How the Effects of Bites Vary in Every Person

Every person has a different reaction to the bites. Some of the common reaction to bites are:

Itching Around the Bitten Area

A common reaction to bites is itching. It may worsen if there is a larger area with several bites. An infection may develop due to constant scratching.

Burning Sensation

Once bitten, a person may experience a little discomfort on the bitten area. Some also experience a burning sensation once they are bitten.

Swelling and Redness

The reason why people mistake bed bug bites with other bites is that it may look like an allergy. If you notice swelling and redness, you must take medication to control the swelling.

Will You Get Sick from These Bites?

Unlike other bites like tick or flea bites, bed bugs don’t transmit diseases. Yes, they feed on blood, but they only leave bite marks. The reaction is only because of the bite and not because of any disease. Also, the bites will only worsen if it is not given proper care and treatment.

How to Stop Getting Bitten

There’s no actual repellent to prevent these bugs from reaching and feeding off you. However, you can always do something about the bed bug infestations. First, you have to search for these reddish-brown insects in their common hiding spots.

So, check your mattress and box springs as well as your furniture. Don’t forget all the cracks and crevices of your bed frames, walls, and different narrow areas where they can fit. This process alone requires lots of patience. Early infestations are harder to detect. In contrast, heavy infestations leave a lot of signs of their presence anywhere in your home.

Once confirmed, you can use pest control products or you can proceed to call an exterminator to do the job. If you identified that an infestation is just starting, there are detectors and monitors you can place around your home. You can check these products daily for any decline with the activities of bed bugs.

On the other hand, heavily infested rooms or homes require professional services. It is highly recommended that you let an expert handle it. This will ensure proper execution of treatment and get positive results even with initial treatment.