How to Setup Tomcat Mouse Trap

If you have been noticing signs of a mouse problem in your home, then you should consider setting mouse traps around your home. To confirm the presence of these pests, you have to check out some of these signs:

  • Mouse droppings

  • Gnawed wood

  • Musky odour

  • Smears along baseboards

  • Live mice roaming around


Once you see these signs, you should act fast to achieve rodent control and prevent the mice infestation from getting worse. One of the best things to do to control an infestation is through the use of mouse traps.

One of the trusted brands when it comes to mouse control is Tomcat. Tomcat offers different varieties of mouse traps that will meet your preferred type of trap in your home. The brand is under Scotts Company LLC and is known to provide quality traps that will help you get rid of any mice around your property.

Making Mouse Traps More Effective in Getting Rid of Mice and Other Rodents

Aside from choosing the type of traps you want to use against mice, you should also know how to make these mouse traps effective. Some of the things that you should do are:

Location of Mouse Trap

You may think that you have the best mousetrap in the world, but this will not catch a single mouse if not placed in the right location. When setting up your Tomcat mouse traps, you should place them in areas with high mouse activity.

Proper Placement of Traps

Both rats and mice travel along the walls. This prevents them from getting lost and also makes them safer from predators. This is the reason you should place traps against walls.

To kill mice, you need to set the traps with the trigger facing the walls. Since it is the path that these rodents will most likely take, this will increase the chances of catching mice effectively.


Place Multiple Traps Around the House

Do not rely on just using one trap. It is highly recommended that you set multiple traps to get the best chance of catching more even in just one night. Mice are usually curious about new things. This is what will catch them easily.

Tomcat Mouse Trap Setup

Before you set any trap to kill rodents, the first thing that you should prepare is the bait. Baits will attract mice and other rodents and will make them stay around the area to activate the trap and be caught. You do not want to get your fingers caught in the trap, so better prepare the bait first before setting the trap.

For the bait, you can use any type of food. You can use cheese as you would see from the cartoons, but peanut butter works better to attract mice and other rodents.

Peanutbutter is believed to be better since they cannot easily remove it from the trap and will be the reason these pests will get caught. Other types of bait that you can use are chocolate, bacon or bacon grease, syrup, candy, or anything with a strong scent.

You can also put different baits on each trap to know which the mice prefer more. This way, you will also learn which food you should keep using in trapping these pests.

Setting Up Different Tomcat Mouse Traps

Tomcat mouse traps are available in several types and these traps are set in diverse ways. Below are some of the popular traps from the brand and how to set each type.

How to Set the Tomcat Press N Set Mouse Trap

  • Tomcat Press N Set Mouse Traps can be activated easily by pressing down the back of the trap and pinching between the thumb and finger. You can also press it down on the floor and keep doing this until you hear the trap clicks. The trap will stay open when you activate the latch and will only close when the trigger sets off.

  • Once it is set, you have to deactivate it. Use a knife, stick, or pencil to set off the trigger and let it snap for it to close.

  • In case the trap catches a mouse, you can choose to dispose of the dead pest by getting the entire trap, holding it over the trash bin, and squeezing the back of the trap just like when you were setting it. The jaws will open and release the mouse straight to the bin.

  • You can also choose to throw the entire trap with the dead rodents. However, this could eventually get expensive since you have to purchase new ones every time you throw out the used ones.

Learn more about to get rid of mice with this product in the video below:

Setting a Tomcat Kill & Contain or Tomcat Spin Trap

You might not want to see dead mice or deal with it, so this is the trap variant that you should try. 

These options are highly recommended for those who do not want to see or handle dead mice. These are enclosed traps that will keep the mouse inside and cannot be seen. Once a mouse is caught, you just throw the trap away with the mouse.

  • For setting the spin trap, all you need to do is to pull out the entryway and add bait in the bait cup.

  • For setting the Kill and Contain trap, you need to push down the switch on the trap’s side. To deactivate the trap, you just have to push the switch up again.

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Setting a Tomcat Mouse Wood Traps 2-Pack or 4-Pack

Using a wooden trap may seem old-fashioned, but these traps will not be around for decades without any reason. Tomcat Wooden Mouse Traps are effective and cheap. This type of wooden mouse trap is used widely in the pest control industry for these very reasons.

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These are considered the trickiest types to set, so make sure you follow the steps below in setting it:

  • Hold the trap at the back to keep your own fingers clear of the trap’s spring-loaded mechanism. There might be a tiny staple from the wooden board to release the trigger arm.

  • Pull back the arm at 180° and lay the trigger arm on the top. Hook the trigger to the back of the yellow trigger. Adjust the sensitivity by setting the trigger arm on the right side to gain a more sensitive setting while you can move the trigger arm to the left for less sensitivity.

  • Once you finished setting up a wooden mouse trap, make sure that you place it down carefully and wait till you catch a mouse.

If these traps catch and kill mice, you can just throw the mouse away or throw the entire trap with the mouse. Since it is cheap, a lot of people tend to throw the trap even after one kill. Make sure that you always wear gloves or kitchen gloves when releasing a dead mouse.

Setting a Tomcat Multiple Live Catch Mouse Trap

  • Place the trap door in an open position. Since the trap door is extremely sensitive, any mouse will easily get trapped inside.

  • Place the trap along walls as these are areas where mice travel.

  • To get rid of the rodents, just slide the lid off to empty the trap.

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Setting a Tomcat Mouse Snap Traps 2-Pack

  • 1. Setting these snap traps is pretty basic. Squeeze the back part slightly and place the bait in the designated area and squeeze the back further until you hear the click. It has a unique "no-touch" disposal that makes cleaning up easy.

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Watch the video below to see the snap trap in action: