How to Use Cockroach Baits at Home

Roach killing baits are formulated to attract roaches and then kill them as the pests ingest them. When looking for a roach killer, there are different types you can choose depending on the species as well as the infested areas.

The basic options you have are bait gels, granular baits, and bait stations. These options can be used outdoors and indoors. However, using any of the options require proper placements and extra care to avoid putting the health of everyone in your property.

Available Roach Bait Options and How to Use Them

If you don’t have any idea about the type of baits you can use in your property, it is recommended that you get to know your options first before deciding. Check out the following for the available options you can try as you deal with roach infestations:

Granular Baits

There are several brands that you find that even professional use. This form of bait can be used in wall voids, crawl spaces, attics, and outdoors.

You can easily broadcast this over large areas such as flowerbeds, lawns and various mulched areas. Some brands can be used indoors and some aim to eliminate roaches on larger outdoor areas. Though there are baits that are made exclusively for killing roaches, there are also that can be used for killing other pests.

There are also different types of granulated baits. Some are contact granules that must be watered while some shouldn’t be watered.

Those that require watering will only release the active ingredients once it gets wet. However, you must look at the labels, as not all baits should be watered. Those that don’t require it might only ruin the bait.

Bait Stations

This option is popularly known as roach traps but is far from being one. One station has three parts: attractants, killing/trapping agent, and the station or device.

Most labels of these devices will list down the active ingredients. However, the ingredients for the attractants might not be listed, as EPA doesn’t require manufacturers to do so.

The actual station, on the other hand, is usually made of plastic or sometimes thin cardboard and plastic. The small openings you find on the sides are meant to allow pests to enter.

Though there are times when you can prevent your pet and children to touch these devices, the contents may not be highly dangerous unless consumed in lethal dosage. Aside from the contents, the stations are the ones posing choking hazards when ingested accidentally.

So, you might as well place them in areas that your pets and children have no complete access. Place them strategically in susceptible entry points.

There are a lot of options that you can find in the market, but its use has declined due to the popularity of the gel alternatives.

Gel Baits

Among the effective and popular solutions for killing roaches is the use of baits in gel forms. What makes this a popular option is because of the attractants used in it. The attractants are irresistible, which makes it faster and more effective in getting rid of the pests.

To use this type of bait, professionals use a bait gun. This device allows small and precise placements. It has a small cartridge that is filled with the bait and inserted into the gun. When you squeeze the trigger, the bait will be dispensed right at the target area.

There are bait guns that let you adjust how small or large the placements needed for cracks and crevices. Though the gun is expensive, it can be a worthy investment when you use it daily.

Another version of this cockroach gel bait is dispensed similar to insecticide sprays. What makes it different is that what comes out is in gel form instead of a mist. It comes with a straw attachment for easy application.

You can make this more effective by avoiding sprays and foggers. This way, it won’t repel the pests. Instead, the baits will attract the pests out of their hiding areas, reach and consume the baits, and even bring it to their hiding spots.

Three Mistakes You Should Avoid When Using Baits

Though using a bait kills cockroaches effectively, there are times when people find it difficult to make their baits work. There are common mistakes that most people do when using baits and three of them are the following:

1.      Using Contact Killers

You should never use baits along with contact insect killers. It may seem more effective since you are using more products, but it will only ruin the domino effect of the baits.

The domino effect is when a cockroach eats the bait, gets poisoned by it, and then eventually kill other cockroaches. All roaches in the nest will eventually die, as they will be exposed to the contaminated feces of the poisoned cockroach.

Since other roaches consume the feces of others, the poison in the feces will spread easily. This will not only kill adult roaches but also the young ones since they are not yet eating hard foods.

If you have a roach spray at hand, you might use that alone. On the other hand, you can simply rely on the use of baits.

2.      Plastic Bait Stations are Safe

What most people think about using pesticides with their roach problem is the risk of kids and pets getting poisoned. Though this is true, it will only be hazardous for kids when they ingest more than what is in the bait station. However, placing it at a safe distance around kids is still important.

Then what is more dangerous than the bait itself? It is the bait station. Usually, the material used for the station is plastic while some are made from the combination of plastic and cardboard.

The plastic material used can break easily. Your kids or pets may accidentally pick these up and cause a choking hazard. This is the main reason why you should consider placing the baits in areas that are hidden and out of kids' and pets’ reach.

3.      Placing Baits in the Wrong Spots

The main reason why you need to inspect your home thoroughly before doing treatments is to know all possible entry points. Whether you are using a DIY bait with boric acid or a commercial one, you must know where to place the baits indoor and outdoor.

One of the common mistakes is simply placing the baits where you think these roaches live. Even if you placed a few baits around your property, you might still see these pests roaming around. This is the reason why proper placement is crucial.

Whether you found large roaches or German roaches around your home, it is impossible to get rid of them if you’re putting the baits at the wrong places. So, learn where these pests visit frequently and place the baits there.

If you’re still unsure where to place them, using monitor traps can help. This is one way of easily pinpointing where the roaches are coming from and make use of the baits properly.

When using pest control products, you must exert extra effort in placing them properly and using them as said on the label. This way, you can handle cockroach infestations strategically and make your chosen cockroach bait in Canada work effectively against these pests.