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    Bed bug Alert Pheromone Trap

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    Description du produit

    Bird-X Bed Bug ALERT Monitors are a simple and affordable solution to detect and trap bed bugs before they infest your home and threaten your health, comfort, and peace of mind. Unlike other bed bug traps, they can be used anywhere, from beds and furniture drawers to luggage, hotel rooms, healthcare facilities, and offices.


    How does the Bird-X Bed Bug ALERT Monitor Work?

    These monitors use a proprietary chemical lure to attract and trap both adult bed bugs and 2nd instar nymphs. Once inside the monitor, the bed bugs stick to the adhesive interior board and can no longer escape.

    The devices have a secure patented housing that protects the chemical lure, ensuring safe use around pets and children. Due to their durable shells made of plastic, they can withstand pressure, weight, and moisture, and can be used almost anywhere.

    Their clear window allows you to check for trapped bed bugs. If the trap is empty, you can reuse it. If only a couple of insects are trapped, you should replace the monitors with new ones. If you have reason to suspect a serious infestation, you should seek professional bed bug treatment solutions.

    How to Use the Bird-X Bed Bug Traps?

    Simply remove the seal protecting the lure and place the Bed Bug ALERT Monitors anywhere you suspect bed bugs could hide. Check the traps daily, and replace them regularly. 

    Why use the Bird-X Bed Bug ALERT Monitors?

    All guides on how to find bed bugs recommend using detection and trapping devices. These are among the most convenient bed bug traps in Canada. With their help, you can prevent bed bug infestations and avoid the costs of professional services, mattress infestation, and potential medical treatments.


    • Active Lure contains pheromones that attract bed bugs
    • Durable shell is resistant to weight and moisture
    • Secure enclosure top snaps into the bottom so children & pets cannot touch the trapped bugs
    • Place anywhere where bed bugs can be found, under mattresses, ideal between mattress and box spring, between cushion on couches, in travel luggage, & more
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    Bed bug Alert Pheromone Trap

    $1.39 CAD
    $1.04 CAD

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