Mosquito Barrier Canada: How It Gets Rid of Mosquitoes

Mosquito barrier is a popular all-natural mosquito repellent that can bed used for grassy areas like athletic fields, golf courses, and even your yards.

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Mosquito Barrier 100% Garlic Concentrate

It only takes single spraying of all-natural, liquid garlic-based mosquito barrier will keep mosquitoes away from your home and out of your yard 24 hours a day for about a month.

What is Mosquito Barrier Made of?

Mosquito Barrier consists of a very strong liquid garlic that is made from a very potent type of garlic cloves. Unlike the ones you may find in the grocery store, the garlic used in this product is a very powerful variety.

It is more potent than the garlic in the local store. As a matter of fact, people from the manufacturer’s lab refer to it as the “super garlic” mainly because of its repelling powers against insects, especially mosquitoes.

Mosquito Barrier Will Keep Your Property Mosquito-Free Naturally

So, how can the mosquito barrier keep your property free from mosquitoes? Garlic has natural sulphur that repels mosquitoes. Spraying of all-natural garlic for driving away insects is not new as master gardeners and farmers have been using it for generations now.

Mosquitoes being soft-bodied insects, garlic juice in increased concentrations can be very toxic to them. What makes it interesting is that garlic juice is not harmful to plants, humans, or pets.

Just the odour will be enough to chase them away. If they can detect the smell, they will stay away from the treated area.

garlic against mosquitoes

The smell of garlic juice is undetectable to humans within a couple of minutes after it is sprayed. But since mosquitoes have a sense of smell that is 10,000 more than humans, they can easily detect it. The garlic scent will linger 24 hours a day, which will keep the mosquitoes away from your home, yard, golf courses, and athletic fields.

This means that mosquitoes will continuously detect this and will never fly near the areas treated with garlic juice for about a month or even longer even if you no longer smell the scent on treated areas. Always remember that if the mosquitoes are nowhere to be found in your yard, they will not get in any part of your home.

Aside from homes, it can also be used for spraying nearby parks, since parks are common areas where mosquitoes linger. Also, this can work against ticks. So, spraying mosquito barrier will keep mosquitoes and ticks away.

How to Make Mosquito Barrier More Effective in Preventing Mosquito Infestation

A mosquito infestation usually starts with stagnant water. If your property has stock water, you can mix mosquito barrier with canola oil and pour it unto standing water.

This will create a thin film of natural oil that will suffocate mosquito larvae. This is more suitable to use instead of harmful chemicals that may kill other beneficial insects like butterflies and bees. It is also safe to be used around children, cats, dogs, birds, fish, and other pets.

How to Use Mosquito Barrier

When dealing with an infestation, it is generally required to use the product for four applications. These will be enough to last for the entire mosquito season.

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Mosquito Barrier 100% Garlic Concentrate

You can use the Mosquito Barrier 3.79L for an entire year if you are dealing with the heaviest infestations. If the infestation is just starting, you can choose to use the Mosquito Barrier 946ml and apply it to affected areas.

These mosquito products are made from concentrates of the super garlic and manufactured by Garlic Research Labs Inc. It is formulated with natural ingredients to chase away mosquitoes and avoid harmful effects on children, pets, and plants near the treated areas.

You can order yours at and get rid of mosquitoes in your yard and away your home.