Rat Traps for Sale That You Can Consider Using

Rats carry more than 40 diseases, so you must get rid of them immediately. The general rule for using rat traps is to use a lot of traps because the rat population is usually bigger than expected. You also need to make sure that you are using traps for rats and not for mice.

Rats are bigger than mice, so mouse traps will not work on rats. Here are the most common types of rat traps that you can use for rodent control.

Rat Trap Cage

Rat trap cage for sale is considered the most humane method of dealing with rodent problems. It is a cage or chamber with a trigger-activated door.

When the rodent enters the cage and steps on the trip plate, the chamber’s spring mechanism activates and closes the door. Once the rat is trapped inside the cage, you must relocate it to a far place. Rat trap cages are more expensive and larger than other kinds of traps.

Big Cheese Rat Cage Trap and Multi-Catch Rat Cage Trap are products you can try for live cages or the Professional Squirrel Trap 1 Spring Door. See recommended products below

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Multi-Catch Rat Cage Trap

Electronic Trap 

Electronic traps work by delivering high-voltage electricity to the rat, killing it instantly. This is considered a more humane way of dealing with rats. Electronic traps have a pressure-sensitive plate that delivers 7,000 volts. The shock is not strong enough to injure larger pets and children, but it is lethal to rats.

For electronic traps, we have options that we highly recommend for you to use. We have several electronic zappers from Victor like the Electronic Rat Trap, Rat Zapper Classic,  Rat Zapper Ultra, and the Wi-Fi Electronic Rat Trap..

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Victor Electronic Rat Trap
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Victor Rat Zapper Classic
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Victor Rat Zapper Ultra

Glue Trap

Glue rat traps for sale have a plastic board that is coated in a sticky glue. To use it, you need to place the trap in areas where rats often travel.

When they scamper over the plastic board, they become stuck in the glue and unable to release themselves. The more they struggle, the more trapped they become. However, glue traps are controversial as they do not kill the rat right away.

The rat suffers from a slow death due to starvation or dehydration. Glue traps also collect dirt, insects and ducts and cannot be reused.

For glue traps, there are some products that we recommend for you to use anywhere on your property. Just make sure that you place these glue traps strategically to catch rats that are roaming around your property. We have the Tomcat Rat Glue Traps and the Predator Rat Glue Traps. 

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Tomcat Rat Glue Traps 2-Pack
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Wilson Predator Rat Glue Trap (2pk)

Snap Trap 

Snap rat traps for sale have a heavy metal wire that is attached to a piece of wood. To use it, you must place bait on the metal to attract rats. When the rodent takes it, the metal part will snap shut on the head of the rat and kill it instantly.

  • Snap traps are effective and cheap but can be potentially dangerous as well. It can break or hurt your fingers, so it is not ideal for use in areas with young kids.

  • You can find plastic snap traps that resemble a snake’s open mouth. This kind of trap works by suffocating the rat. When a rodent wanders into the trap and gets the bait, the mouth snaps shut. This applies pressure on the animal and suffocates it.

  • Plastic snap traps are ideal for homes with young kids because the closing mechanism is not powerful enough to break fingers. It is more expensive than standard snap rat traps but reusable.

For snap trap options, we have several that you can choose from. We have the Predator Wood Trap, Tomcat Rat Snap Trap, or the Victor Metal Bait Pedal Rat Trap. These are all made from quality materials and are easy to use.

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Wilson Predator Wood Rat Trap
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Victor Metal Bait Pedal Rat Trap (Bagged)

How to Choose the Best Rat Traps for Sale

Before you buy any trap, make sure to consider where you are going to use it and the level of infestation you have at home. You should also consider whether you are going to kill or catch them. It all depends on how you feel about these animals.

If you do not want to kill them, you may want to use a rat trap cage for sale. Just remember that this method requires you to transport the rat to another place. If you are conflicted, you can consider traps that provide a more humane method of killing rats.

You should also consider where you are going to place the trap. Some glue rat traps are made for outdoor or indoor use. For example, wooden rat traps for sale are not ideal for use outdoors because the wood can warp which can ruin the tool’s trigger sensitivity.

If you want to use glue traps, you must place them indoors. Electronic traps should also be used indoors because they are not waterproof and weather resistant. If you are looking for traps that can be used outdoors, you should consider getting trap cages. Plastic snap traps can be used outdoors as well.