Bats are among the common flying pests that many homeowners and even commercial establishment owners. Learn more about these pests and all the possible methods in getting rid of them as well as keeping them away.

Bats Natural Habitat

The bats’ roosting sites are more varied than what most people think. It is common for people to assume that they only live in caves, but they don’t. They live in different locations both man-made and natural environment. Read more about their habitat here.

Bats Behaviour

Bats are nocturnal mammals and are active once the sun sets. Being mammals, they have common mammalian characteristics such as warm body temperature and their fur. Get to know more about their behaviour here.

Benefits of Bats to Humans

Contrary to popular beliefs, the earth would be very different without bats. Aside from being treated as a nuisance by some residences, bats play vital ecological roles. Click here to read more about their benefits to humans.

Bat Infestation Health Risks

It’s not every day that you get to see bats. You would often see them at dawn, dusk, or any time of night. However, in Ontario alone, there is a diverse and huge population of bats. Go here to continue reading.

How Do You Get Rid of Bats in Your Home

Getting rid of bats in your home can be a dangerous and difficult task. Since these animals can potentially spread diseases, it is important to resort to the use of proper pest control products or call for the services of professional exterminators. Continue reading here.

How to Safely Clean Up Bat Droppings

Once you realize that you have a bat problem, it is necessary that you take action immediately. You don’t want to live in the same place where bats are also residing. Learn more about the methods here.

What is the Life Cycle of a Bat

Bats play important roles in the ecosystem. They are known to help humans by eating insects in large quantities. They also play an important role in pollination, especially in the forests. As some species eat nectar, they also scatter the pollen to different places. Read more about a bat's life cycle here.