Best Mouse Traps Canada

The presence of mice in the house can cause stress to everyone. Aside from this, it can also cause fear because rodents are known to spread diseases and trigger allergy and asthma symptoms. In addition to this, it can cause a lot of damage to the property.

When left unattended, your mice problem will continuously cause damage around your property and put you and your entire family’s health at risk. Fortunately, many products can help alleviate the mouse problem safely and quickly.

Among the effective products against mice are mouse traps. There are various kinds of mouse traps that you can find in the market. Here, we have compiled some of the best that you can use around your house.

The Best Mouse Traps You Can Find in Canada

It might be overwhelming to see the different varieties and brands of mouse traps in the market, but we have created a brief list of the best ones you can choose from to ensure effective rodent control Check out the mice traps in Canada below:

Tomcat Mouse Wood Traps 4-Pack

It has a traditional design that is now combined with reliability and enhanced features. The mouse trap has a strong, dual spring mechanism that helps to ensure capture. It is economical and excellent value for your money. This is also designed with an easy-to-use trigger.

This is a solid wood mouse trap that has enhanced features for trapping any mouse effectively. All you need to do is place this on areas where they pass through to catch them.

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Tomcat Mouse Snap Traps 2-Pack

You can take Tomcat Snap Trap a better mouse trap because of its powerful snap. This mouse trap combines safety and effectiveness into a simple and easy-to-use product for catching and killing mice.

Place the mousetrap in various locations to control the occasional pests that enter your home. Set mouse trap in one easy step and has a unique "no-touch" dead mouse disposal that allows easy and quick clean-ups. Unlike other snap traps, Tomcat Snap Trap has a patented design that is safer to use than other competitive products, yet its interlocking teeth keep caught mice from getting away.

Ideal for catching rodents, these mouse traps are part of an effective pest control program. They are easy to use and work well along walls, corners, and other areas where rodents travel.

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Tomcat Mouse Glue Traps 4-Pack

The Tomcat glue traps mouse size has eugenol to make sticky glue traps that are pesticide-free. This makes mouse traps a non-toxic way to effectively control and catch mice.

Adding these traps to your pest control methods will help in catching mice without poison. This mouse trap holds rodents securely upon contact with the glue.

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Fresh Baited Mouse Traps, Single

These mouse traps are fresh-baited and assessed to catch more mice. It has a powerful spring mechanism that has finer and safer settings. Though it has a traditional design, it has a sleeved block designed for easy cleaning.

It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Add bait or attractant to refill and refresh the trap.

Victor Mouse Trap 2Pk Live Catch

If you do not want to see or touch the mice, this trap is for catching and releasing them. It is easy to set up with its EASY-SET design. You can use them repeatedly, or just throw them away. Can be used around food, water, children, and pets. The mouse trap can capture the pest alive. The trap is reusable and has multilingual packaging in English, Spanish, and French.

Victor Quick Set Mouse Trap-2pk Black

You can set mouse trap for runway trapping. It has a quick-set feature for setting and releasing the trap with one click. It is easy to use, you just have to put the bait, set mouse trap, and place it around your home. A hook for baits is provided. You can use it anywhere and it does not contain any chemicals or poisons. It is reusable or disposable. You get to choose what you to do with the devices after many mice are caught.

Victor Quick-Set Mouse Trap was improved to provide better efficiency with the addition of the unique and innovative Kill Point feature. A snap to set, it is easy to reuse once the mouse has been thrown away. You may use it indoors as well as outdoors, in homes around children and your pets.

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Predator Wood Cheese Mouse Trap (4pk)

These hardwood mouse traps have consistent quality without the use of poison or chemicals to kill mice. Make the most out of these bait traps by adding bacon, peanut butter, salami, cheese, or anything that smells sweet as the bait.

Simply put the bait on the hook provided just at the tip of the bait holder. Set mouse trap by pulling the U-shaped bar to the opposite end and insert the pin into the opening hole on the bait holder. Make sure that you are only gripping the sites when lifting the trap.

It is highly recommended to be placed near a wall aside from areas where these rodents pass by.

Multi-Catch Live Mouse Trap

4 or more live mice can be caught in a baited trap. The mechanism has a clear-view sliding lid and is self-setting for easy inspection and quick release of catch. It is safe around children and pets because it is poison-free.

Predator FastSet Mouse Trap (2pk)

It is easy to set, reusable, and has no poison or harmful chemicals.

When using this mouse trap, you can use your favourite bait to load the bait well. Peanut butter is an excellent choice. The trip paddle and bait well make it hard for mice to steal bait without getting caught. Press it to open and you will hear a "click" when set. Place the trap where you see mice run. Once a mouse is caught, you can simply open it and release the mouse. There is no need for you to touch the mouse. You should place it at right angles to the wall where you keep noticing mice run.

Victor Power-Kill Mouse Trap-2pk

The Victor Power-Kill Mouse Trap can be used indoors or outside. It is ideal for households with children or pets because it does not use chemicals or poisons. The trap has a bait trough that is easy to bait with a mouse's favourite foods or nesting materials. A "click" sound sets the trap. If you see mouse activity, place the Power-Kill along the runways.

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Victor Wifi Elec Mouse Trap

What makes the Victor electronic mouse trap different from other mouse traps? This trap not only uses a high-voltage shock to kill mice quickly, but it also lets you know when you have caught one by sending a message to your phone with its Wi-Fi function.

The smart circuit technology easily senses whenever a mouse enters the tunnel. It will trigger the system to deliver the shock. The tunnel design and columns hold the mouse in place to prevent escapes.

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Victor Wifi Elec Mouse Trap

The trap will send a notification to the compatible app on your mobile device if you make a catch. The app is easy to set up and use. It even lets you give each trap a unique name so you can easily tell them apart. Not only will it tell you when a catch happens, but it will also keep track of how many kills the trap gets and how much battery life is left.

The trap is easy to bait and clean. You can get your trap up and running in no time with easy access to the removable kill chamber.