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    Victor Power-Kill Mouse Trap-2pk

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    Product description

    • Ideal for runway trapping
    • High-impact kill bar for a quick, humane kill
    • Set and release with just one click
    • Large trip pedal is easily activated by mouse
    • No chemicals or poisons, can be used around children and pets
    • Ample bait trough for easy baiting.
    • For indoor/outdoor use; ideal for runway trapping.
    • Reusable or disposable.

    Victor Power-Kill Mouse Trap is perfect for use anywhere in the home, indoors or out. Because it doesn't use chemicals or poisons, it's ideal for households with children or pets. The trap's large pedal holds a bait trough that's easy to bait with a mouse's favorite foods or nesting materials. A simple "click" sets the trap. Once set, place the Power-Kill along runways where mice are known to travel, or anywhere you see mouse activity.

    The Power-Kill Mouse Trap's oversized trip pedal is activated whenever mice eat the bait or accidentally step on it as they scamper across the floor. When the trip pedal is triggered, the High-Impact Kill Bar immediately and powerfully springs closed for a quick, humane kill. That's why it is considered the most powerful mouse trap on the market today.

    The one-step open and close action also lets you easily and cleanly dispose of the rodent without touching the body or risking your fingers. 2 Pack Ideal for runway trapping High-Impact Kill Bar for a quick, humane kill Large bait trough for easy baiting Set and release with just one click Large trip pedal is easily activated by mouse Use anywhere indoors or outdoors No chemicals or poisons, can be used around children and pets Trap is reusable or disposable.

    Best Used For: Quick, powerful trapping of mice. This trap features a large bait trough for easy baiting and large trip pedal that's easily activated by rodent interest and accidental contact. Once a rodent makes contact with the pedal, the High-Impact Kill Bar immediately springs closed for a quick, humane kill.

    The Victor Power-Kill Mouse Trap with an oversized trip pedal is hard to avoid, even for unsuspecting mice or those wary of traps. Its powerful High-Impact Kill Bar and easy-to-set one-click mechanism make the Power-Kill incredibly easy to use compared to other snap traps. 

    Reclaim Your Space

    Quickly trap and kill mice easily with Victor’s most powerful solution: the Victor Power-Kill mouse trap. The unit features an effective design with a large bait trough and highly sensitive trip pedal. Once contact is made with the pedal, the trap’s High-Impact Kill Bar instantly snaps shut, ensuring a quick kill.

    Fast. Powerful. Done.

    The Victor Power-Kill mouse trap’s over sized trip pedal makes it difficult to avoid which helps promote successful trappings of mice. Whenever a mouse steps onto the trip pedal, whether attempting to eat the bait or simply scurrying by, the Power-Kill mouse trap will activate.

    Simple to Bait and Use

    The bait trough, a cylindrical space in the center of the trip pedal, offers ample room for adding favorite mouse snacks to the trap. To set the trap, simply pull the kill bar back until it clicks. This convenient one-click mechanism makes the trap much easier to use compared to other snap traps. Then set the mouse trap anywhere you’ve noticed activity. Since mice commonly travel along the edge of a room, where the floor meets the wall, placing the trap with the bait side facing the wall can be an effective location.

    How to use: 5 Easy Steps

    1. Unhook the clip securing the kill bar.
    2. Add peanut butter or other high-protein bait to the trough (use a Q-tip or toothpick to avoid leaving your scent).
    3. Pull back the kill bar until it clicks into place.
    4. Place the bait-side of the trap flush against the wall or in another high-activity location.
    5. Dispose of the dead rodent and the trap, too, if you prefer.

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    Victor Power-Kill Mouse Trap-2pk

    $5.71 CAD
    $5.14 CAD

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