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    Blaze Bed Bug Killer - 465g

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    Product description

    Blaze Bed Bug Killer will kill bed bugs on contact. Whether you are battling them at home or just want to be extra cautious, or even while traveling, Blaze bed bug killer will get the job done. The active ingredient called Allethrin which was developed in 1949, is one of the oldest insecticides still in use today. Allethrin is a synthetic duplicate of pyrethrum which is a botanical insecticide extracted from chrysanthemum flowers.


    Blaze is safe to use in homes, apartments hotels, nursing homes, etc... Kills bed bugs on contact and for up to 48 hours after treatment. This size contains enough solution for about 20 treatments of mattresses or large pieces of furniture. 


    • Kills bed bugs on contact and will continue killing them up to 48 hours
    • Up to 20 treatments of mattress or other large furniture
    • NOT Toxic and dangerous to humans, lab animals and household pets
    • NOT a carcinogen
    • NOT damaging to the environment
    • Will not damage wood, furniture or fabrics (see how to test spray)
    • Does not have strong, unpleasant odour
    • Approuved by Health Canada

    How to use

    Test Spray

    Blaze will not damage furniture, mattresses, bed frames or fabrics that are safe against water. Select an inconspicuous area to spray to ensure that the surface you are about to treat is water safe and will not stain. Wait for surface to dry and check to make sure there is no discolouration.

    Prepare Area to be Treated

    Before applying Blaze, clear the room of everything except larger pieces of furniture, bed frame and mattress. Everything else in the room - such as bed sheets, pillows and pillow covers, clothing, etc. - should be laundered in hot water and dried on the highest heat setting possible.

    Application of Blaze

    It is important to shake the can VERY WELL before each use. Spray areas to be treated like mattress, bed frame, furniture, carpets, baseboards, wall-cracks, etc. Leave room after treatment and allow for proper ventilation. Let treated areas and surfaces dry completely. Do not allow children or pets to touch treated items in the room until the surface is completely dry. Repeat process every 2 or 3 days for a week.

    Material Safety Data Sheet

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    Blaze Bed Bug Killer - 465g

    $11.99 CAD

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