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    ClimbUp HD Black

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    Product description

    The ClimbUp™ HD bed bug interceptors are the smallest interceptors in our collection and are designed for easy installation and effective monitoring and protection against bed bugs. Bed bug approaching the bed or other furniture from the floor will climb up the outside of the trap and fall into the outer well while bed bugs trying to leave the bed or other furniture will be caught in the center well of the ClimbUp. Essentially the ClimbUp HD, like the other ClimbUps, it creates a barrier between you, your bed and their nest.


    The ClimbUp HD are made small for the pieces of furniture that don’t require the larger sizes and are less obvious and blend in well due to their size and color. According to the experts, the black shell is more inviting for the bed bugs and therefore aid in capturing bed bugs. ClimbUp HDs are popular among hotels, hostels and campus housing that have small legs and for anyone wanting a more custom fit for narrow legs.

    These interceptors have a thin layer of talc powder, which makes the surface too slippery for the bed bugs to crawl out, and therefore get stuck in the trap. 

    The ClimbUp HD is one of the most important tools you will need when treating a bed bug infestation due to the barrier it creates between their source of food and their nests. Its simple, if bed bugs can’t feed, they can’t reproduce. Many people are unaware of the importance of using bed bug interceptors, but a proper bed bug management program includes bed bug interceptors such as the ClimbUp HD. They are an effective and cost efficient.

    Take a look at our interceptors comparison chart to learn more.


    • Pesticide free
    • Non-toxic
    • Discreet all-black trap
    • Fits square legs up to 2”
    • Fits round legs up to 2.5” in diameter
    • Talc coated to trap live bugs
    • Early detection
    • Test if treatments are effective
    • Great value
    • Designed for beds, dressers, tables, chairs or anything with legs
    • No glue, oil or stick tape
    • Dual-well to identify what direction bed bugs are coming from
    • Kid friendly
    • Pet safe
    Variant  Price Price per Piece
    1 trap (for 1 leg) CA$ 7.99 $ 7.99
    2 traps (for 2 legs) CA$ 14.99 $ 7.49
    4 traps (for 4 legs) CA$ 24.99 $ 6.25
    6 traps (for 6 legs) CA$ 34.50 $ 5.75
    8 traps (for 8 legs) CA$ 42.99 $ 5.37
    12 traps (for 12 legs) CA$ 62.99 $ 5.25

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    ClimbUp HD Black

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