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    ClimbUp T

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    Product description

    An addition to the many ClimbUp products, the ClimbUp T (Tank) is the largest version of the round Climbup interceptors from Susan Mcknight. It is almost the same size as the ClimbUp XL and larger than the ClimbUp Black Grip, ClimbUp Interceptor Original, and the ClimbUp HD Black.


    This is a highly recommended interceptor to be used in unoccupied rooms along with an insulated cooler with dry ice or a CO2 tank placed in the center well. It can also be used in occupied rooms by placing it under large bed posts or furniture legs. Its exterior has a black paper that allows you to use it discreetly without affecting the appearance of your room. It also acts as an attractant for bed bugs to lure them inside the interceptor.

    It also comes with the newest crack-resistant design that makes it suitable for hard wood and carpeted floors.

    How It Works

    Just like the other interceptors, you can place the ClimbUp T under any furniture legs or bed posts. You can place it either in unoccupied or occupied rooms to detect any presence of bed bugs. Currently, it is the largest round interceptor that makes it suitable for furniture or beds with larger legs. Also, it comes with some modifications that further improve its effectiveness as a bed bug detector.

    It has a grippy black tape on the exterior that attracts bed bugs and allows these pests to climb up the outer well. The inner well is polished to ensure that it is slick and prevents bed bugs from escaping by climbing out. Once the bugs fall into either of the wells, they can never escape, climb out and reach you.

    Similar to other interceptors, in order for the ClimbUp T (Tank) to be effective, make sure that you don’t let a single item on the bed or furniture touch the walls or hang off and touch the floor day in and day out. This is also the same with the entire bed and furniture where the interceptors are used. Make sure that you check the devices regularly to identify if there really are bed bugs in the room or not. Regular check-ups on the device will also help in cleaning the wells in case there are debris or dirt inside that may compromise its effectiveness.

    Check out our bed bug interceptors review and comparisons chart here.


    • Pesticide-free bed bug monitor
    • Early detection is made possible with its pitfall trap
    • It is non-repellent, which means it doesn’t have sticky tape or glue that will repel bed bugs
    • The diameter inside is 5 ¾ inches
    • It is designed with a dual well – one to capture bed bugs climbing up your bed or furniture and the other well to capture those crawling down the posts or legs.
    • Allows early detection as first instar nymphs can be trapped inside and are easily seen
    • Made in the USA

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    ClimbUp T

    $44.99 CAD

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