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    ERGO Backpack HEPA Vacuum

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    Product description

    The ERGO backpack HEPA Vacuum efficient and effective tool for bed bug extermination in homes, offices, warehouses and other commercial establishments. This vacuum backpack offers a safe, discreet and lightweight solution for sucking up all live and dead bed bugs including their eggs and nymphs. You experience the comfort of wearing the vacuum and going through all possible hiding places without worrying about pulling or carrying a heavy vacuum.


    The 1400-watt cleaning capacity of this vacuum produces 106 CFM that is powerful enough to capture bed bugs that are hiding in hard-to-reach spaces. With the help of accessories, you can go reach any crack and crevice without worrying about missing any area.

    It has four filtration levels consisting of a cloth shake out bag, an eight-quart HEPA bag, an exhaust filter and a HEPA premotor filter that works together to keep bed bugs contained inside the vacuum. These filtration levels prevent bed bugs from escaping and spreading to other areas of your home. Whether you are comfortable with a  right-hand or left-hand operation, you can easily adjust using this vacuum. As well, it can transform into a blower that you can utilize when needed.

    How It Works

    The ERGO backpack HEPA Vacuum is a powerful piece of equipment that will help you to capture not only stubborn dirt, but those pesky bed bugs and their eggs. Using this vacuum, there is little to no chance of bed bugs staying behind and continuing to infest your home.

    You can wear it like a regular backpack and it operates like a regular vacuum. The advantage in using this is the amazing suction and immediate containment of bed bugs once they are captured. Whether you are trying to get rid of bed bugs from narrow spaces in your home, or from your bed, mattress and box spring, this vacuum will get the job done effortlessly.


    • The product comes with:
    • 6” Hose
    • Blower Adapter
    • Exhaust Filter Cover
    • 22” to 37” Extension Wand
    • 3 Blower Nozzles
    • Furniture Nozzle
    • Round Brush
    • Crevice Tool
    • Floor Brush
    • Extension Cord Strain Relief
    • Air Driven Turbo Brush
    • Shakeout Bag
    • HEPA Bag
    • Set of Premotor and Exhaust Filter
    • Set of Filter and Hose Plugs
    • It also comes with optional accessories such as:
    • HEPA vacuum bags with 10 bags per pack
    • Storage bag
    • A 50” extension cord

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    ERGO Backpack HEPA Vacuum

    $333.49 CAD

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