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    Terror Eyes Bird Chaser Inflatable Bird Repellent Deterrent

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    Product description

    Repel pigeons with a vinyl inflatable predator frightens bird pests away!

    This is a huge 2-foot diameter hanging vinyl ball which has menacing, moving eyes on both front and back that strike fear in birds. Millions of these units have been sold and this device is the most affordable pigeon control device available on the market today. Use this in conjunction with sonic or ultrasonic bird repeller devices to achieve even more effective results.

    • Lenticular Eyes - These eyes produce holographic effects, constantly moving and changing as if they are 'following' infesting birds.
    • Brilliantly Colored Heavy Duty Vinyl Composition - The material has been scientifically designed from extensive experience and research on predator and bird behavior.
    • Versatile and Easy to Install - Use anywhere there is a pigeon problem or other bird infestation:
      • Parking lots
      • Airports
      • Granaries
      • Highway & Bridge Underpasses
      • Building Roofs
      • Marinas
      • Gardens
      • Homes
      • Feed Lots & Farm Fields
      • Orchards & Vineyards

    3-D EYES APPEAR TO MOVE FORWARD AND SIDEWAYS FOLLOWING BIRD PESTS AS THEY FLY AWAY Hanging spring and air currents do the rest... a totally realistic and scary visual deterrent! Harmless to birds and ecologically safe ...

    Terror-Eyes deters birds with a terrifying appearance, but it doesn't harm them.

    Effective wherever visible, up to once acre of open space.

    Optional Manual Foot Pump Accessory

    We also offer a manual foot pump (to assist in inflating the Terror-Eyes) which makes inflation a breeze.

    Note: Due to the nature of this product we cannot offer our 30 day customer satisfaction guarantee on this product.



    Effectively Repels          

    • Pigeons
    • Ducks and Geese
    • Seagulls
    • Sparrows and Starlings
    • Woodpeckers
    • Crows
    • Blackbirds
    • Grackles
    • Swallows
    • Other Birds
    • Rabbits, Rodents
    • Skunks and other small animals

    Technical Specifications

    • Contents: Terror Eyes Balloon, wire spring, string, and balloon patch.
    • Balloon diameter: 19″ (inflated) / about 27″ (deflated)

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    Terror Eyes Bird Chaser Inflatable Bird Repellent Deterrent

    $56.75 CAD
    $39.73 CAD

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