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    Ortho Bug B Gon Eco Insecticidal Soap Conc 500ml

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    Product description

    • Ortho® Bug B Gon® ECO insecticidal soap is formulated for effective control of aphids, mealybugs, psyllids, spider mites, sawfly larvae, soft brown scale, and whitefly
    • Concentrate bottle designed for use with Scotts® Dial ‘N Spray® multi-use hose-end sprayer, making it easy to accurately spray large areas
    • Controls pests on contact
    • Can be used safely for indoor and outdoor use when used according to label directions

    Maintaining your garden includes protecting your multiple plants from harmful insects that can cause significant damage. Ortho(R) Bug B Gon(R) ECO ready-to-spray insecticidal soap is a concentrated product that eliminates insects such as aphids, earwigs, mealybugs, mites, psyllids, pear and rose slugs, soft brown scales and whiteflies.

    It can be used on fruit trees, vegetables as well as ornamental and shade trees. The 500 ml concentrate formula can be applied with the Dial N Spray garden hose sprayer (setting 20) or with a compressed air sprayer.

    Product specifications

    Type: Concentrate soap

    Utilization: Can be used on fruit trees, vegetables, ornamental and shade trees

    Ortho® Bug B Gon® ECO insecticidal soap is an effective way to end bug problems in the garden and greenhouse. The formula controls pests on contact to prevent damage to your plants. Simply spray to saturate insects on plants to eliminate many common pests such as aphids, earwigs, spider mites, and more.

    This bottle of concentrate is a perfect pest solution when combined with the Scotts® Dial ‘N Spray® multi-use hose-end sprayer, which makes it easy to accurately eliminate infestations and treat multiple plants quickly.

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    Ortho Bug B Gon Eco Insecticidal Soap Conc 500ml

    $11.39 CAD
    $4.56 CAD

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