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    Professional Doktor Doom Professional Aerosol Insect Killer - 350g

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    Product description

    Among the effective bed bug sprays you can find in the domestic market nowadays is the Professional Aerosol Insect Killer. It’s an all-in-one insecticide that works in getting rid of not only the presence of bed bugs but other insects such as mosquitoes, flies, and cockroaches.



    The bed bug spray ingredients are Pyrethrins 0.5% and Piperonyl Butoxide 4.0% that both work in killing bed bugs. Combined, these ingredients make this bed bug spray treatment effective in getting rid of bed bugs as it works even with pesticide-resistant bed bugs.  

    Pyrethrins are found in a lot of bed bug products (and other pesticides) that are used by most professionals. Derived from chrysanthemum flowers, Pyrethrins are lethal in killing bed bugs. 

    Piperonyl Butoxide, on the other hand, is a synergist that makes pyrethrins more effective in killing bed bugs.

    How It Works

    When using this bed bug spray, simply spray it over the mattress focusing on the folds and seams. It can also be sprayed in the cracks and crevices of the bed frame and other susceptible hiding areas in your room.

    This bed bug spray works well on many household items, which means that it can be used on luggage, clothes, carpet and etc. We always recommend to apply it on a small piece of the household item to avoid any staining.

    Although Aerosol Insect Killer is safe for pets, it’s best that you keep them away from the treated area while applying. Keeping them away for a minimum of 1 hour after treatment is recommended.


    • Comes with a special valve that makes it easy to spray in any direction, hard to reach areas and even upside down.
    • Works in killing other pests
    • Among the best bed bug pesticide available to Canadians 
    • Health Canada Approved
    • Can be used on luggage, clothes, carpet, bed frames etc..

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    Professional Doktor Doom Professional Aerosol Insect Killer - 350g

    $28.99 CAD

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