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    Prowler Owl Decoy (4Ft Wingspan)

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    Product description

    Don't be fooled by imitations that just 'sit' there - without movement they're useless!

    This life-size realistic predator has a wingspan of nearly 4 feet - these patented wings lift and fall as the head and 'airfoil' body move in the wind. Always-moving 'hunting' postured owl never perches so birds can't get used to it (don't be fooled by imitations that just sit there - without movement they're useless). Scare pest birds away naturally with this lifelike visual scare device.




    The Prowler Owl's mission - to rid your area of bothersome birds.


    The Prowler Owl is always moving, shifting, 'hunting' or 'attack' posture, never perching - so other birds can't relax or get used to it.


    The Prowler Owl is the most realistic life sized predator on the market with accurate markings, and spanning nearly 4 feet with patented flapping wings.


    The Prowler Owl is modeled on the Great Horned Owl: the most-feared predator that catches and eats almost anything that moves, including pigeons, starlings, geese, rodents, rabbits, squirrels and even skunks.


    The Prowler Owl is the perfect patrol for gardens, parks, golf courses, marinas, rooftops and open areas. Set it up anywhere -- the breeze and its natural appearance take care of the rest!

    Harmless to birds, environmentally friendly and ecologically safe ...

    The Prowler Owl deters birds with a terrifying appearance, but it doesn't harm them or the environment.

    Note: Due to the nature of this product we cannot offer our 30 day customer satisfaction guarantee on this product.



    Effectively Repels

    Ideal For Use At

    ·         Pigeons

    ·         Parks, Fields, Bushes, and Trees

    ·         Seagulls and Gulls

    ·         Yards and Gardens

    ·         Grackles

    ·         Rooftops and Patios

    ·         Crows

    ·         Near Light Poles and Telephone Poles

    ·         Blackbirds

    ·         Waterfront Property and Businesses

    ·         Sparrows

    ·         Airports and Transportation Platforms

    ·         Starlings

    ·         Marinas and Boat Docks

    ·         Barn Swallows

    ·         Farm Fields, Orchards, and Vineyards

    ·         Also works on Rodents, Rabbits, Squirrels, and more

    ·         Warehouses and Manufacturing Facilities


    Technical Specifications

    • Wingspan: 44"
    • Head to Tail: 28"
    • Heavy Duty Materials: Composition of the head is hard resin plastic, body is strong-weave iron hide fabric supported by woven flexible cables and riveted plastic struts
    • Contents of the Prowler Owl Kit Include: Head, wings, and body
    • Shipping Box: 2 lbs., 12" x 7" x 10"
    • Mounting: Place neck opening on a 1/2" diameter pole



    Bird X Prowler Owl Video

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    Prowler Owl Decoy (4Ft Wingspan)

    $48.30 CAD
    $41.06 CAD

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