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    Safers Trounce Turf Mosquito & Tick RTS 1L

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    Product description

    • Kills mosquitoes that may carry the West Nile Virus.
    • Kills Ticks that may carry Lyme disease.
    • For use on lawns to kill mosquitoes and ticks on contact.

    Apply Safer’s Trounce for Turf Mosquito and Tick Insecticide using the hose-end applicator provided. Applicator will accurately dilute this concentrated insecticide for treatment of lawns and turf. NOTE: Hard water (pH is above 7 and high in mineral content) can cause sprayer to clog. Use softened water whenever possible.

    To kill mosquitoes and ticks in lawns and turf: Spray insects to wet when they first appear. Thorough coverage is essential for effective control. Complete contents of container (1 L) will provide approximately 140 - 240 square metres of coverage, depending on the severity of the pest problem.

    In areas with high pest populations, apply contents of container (1 L) evenly over 140 square metres. In areas with lower pest populations, coverage may be extended up to 240 square metres. Repeat application 10-14 days later if necessary.

    CAUTION: Rate of delivery of product will vary depending on water pressure, location, time of day, length and diameter of hose, etc. Complete contents of container (1 L) can be sprayed in approximately 4-8 minutes.

    Application Instructions:

    1. Read the complete label for application instructions and precautions. Make sure knob indicator is in the locked OFF position.
    2. Shake well before attaching to hose.
    3. Screw the longer end of the hose-end attachment onto the hose.
    4. Turn faucet on.
    5. Begin spraying by bending lock tab back and turning the knob clockwise until the indicator is in the ON position.
    6. Walk at a steady pace spraying in a side-to-side arc slightly overlapping treated areas.
    7. When spraying is complete, turn knob counter clockwise past the lock tab to stop product flow.
    8. Turn off faucet.
    9. Release pressure in the hose by turning knob clockwise until the indicator is in the WATER position.
    10. When pressure has been released, turn the knob counter clockwise past the lock tab to the OFF position.
    11. Unscrew bottle from hose. Store out of reach of children.

    Mosquito and tick insecticide, hose end sprayer. Ready to spray. Not harmful to pets, birds or earthworms.

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    Safers Trounce Turf Mosquito & Tick RTS 1L

    $24.66 CAD

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