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    Terro Outdoor Liquid Ant Bait Stakes

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    Product description

    Key Features:

    • Kills visible and hidden ants
    • Attracts and eliminates common household ants
    • Targets outdoor ants to prevent indoor infestation
    • Reduces ant populations within days
    • Ready to use: cut tab, insert in ground, kill the colony

    TERRO® Outdoor Liquid Ant Bait Stakes

    With TERRO® Liquid Ant Bait Stakes, you can stop your ant problem at the source. These bait stakes target ants outdoors before they can enter your home. Simply place stakes in areas with ant activity to attract foraging ants, allowing them to carry the bait back to their nest. The bait circulates through the colony, effectively killing both visible and hidden ants.

    How It Works

    This bait product initially attracts more ants, which is a positive sign. Ants foraging for food are drawn to the sweet liquid inside the bait stations. Upon finding the bait, worker ants leave a pheromone trail leading back to the colony. The active ingredient gradually disrupts the ants' digestive systems, allowing enough time for them to share the dose with the entire nest, ultimately eliminating the colony.

    Stop Ants at the Source

    Place TERRO® Liquid Ant Bait Stakes in outdoor areas near entry points to your home or where you see ant nests or trails. More bait placements enhance the effectiveness, allowing you to eliminate ant populations outside before they invade your home.

    Easy to Use

    TERRO® Liquid Ant Bait Stakes are user-friendly. Simply cut the tab to open the bait station and insert the stake into the ground. Leave the ant baits undisturbed while ants are actively feeding. Discard the stakes when the bait is depleted. To prevent future infestations, replace the baits every three months.

    Product Details

    Model: T1813
    Includes: 8 bait stakes
    Active Ingredients: Borax
    Eliminates: All common household ants, including Argentine ants, ghost ants, cornfield ants, pavement ants, acrobat ants, white-footed ants, little black ants, odorous house ants, crazy ants, big-headed ants, and other sweet-eating ants (except fire ants, pharaoh ants, carpenter ants, and harvester ants).

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    Terro Outdoor Liquid Ant Bait Stakes

    $12.49 CAD
    $9.37 CAD

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