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    ZappBug Oven 2

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    Product description

    The ZappBug Heater™  is a bed bug treatment that uses a heating system to exterminate bed bugs. The ZappBug Oven 2™  is a bigger version of our popular ZappBug Heater™ and is equally as effective. You can immediately start treatment with our all natural bed bug heating system. There is no need to pretreat infested items with bed bug sprays, powders, or other toxic pesticides. 


    The ZappBug Heater™  kills 100% of all bed bugs, in all life stages, including eggs, nymphs and adults as a non-toxic and all natural bed bug killer.

    • Kills 100% of bed bugs in all life stages, including eggs, nymphs and adults
    • Completely non-toxic and safe: No pesticides, no chemicals, just heat. 
    • Extremely easy to use: Set up, load with items and press on. 
    • Large size. Measures 39.5” x 39.5” x 28" 
    • One person set-up. Folds flat for easy storage. 

    The temperature range of the Zappbug Heater™ is between 120 F and 155 F, which will kill all bed bugs and is safe for most belongings:

    • Clothes
    • Bedding
    • Shoes
    • Electronics
    • Children’s Toys
    • Books
    • Files
    • Papers
    • Luggage
    • And most other household Items

    If you travel, prevent bed bugs from entering your home by heat treating your luggage (up to 22″ wide) and killing any bed bugs that may have tagged along.

    The ZappBug Heater™ is extremely easy to use. Simply set it up, load with items and press on. The included timer automatically shuts off the unit when the bed bug heat treatment cycle is done.


    Kills 100% of Bed Bugs in All Life Stages ZappBug kills 100% of all bed bugs in all life stage, including eggs, nymphs and adults. Scientific evidence shows that bed bugs die in one minute at temperatures above 120F. The temperature inside ZappBug ranges from 120F to 145F. The ZappBug Heater  is easy to transport and can be assembled by one person in under 10 mintues. Use the ZappBug Heater to save your checked and carry on luggage – up to 22″ wide.

    Easy to Use The ZappBug Heater is extremely easy to use. One person can assemble the Heater in less than 10 minutes. The ZappBug Heater is designed to operate in residential or commercial locations using one separate 120v, 1500w power source per heater. The Zappbug Oven 2 has two heaters so you will need two separate 120v, 1500w power source.

    . Operate the Heater unattended with the included timer that automatically shuts off the Heater.

    Also included is a wireless digital thermometer with a wireless probe to ensure that temperatures reach above 120 F in your items (bed bugs die rapidly at 120 F and above.) Safe ZappBug is designed with safety in mind. It uses no hazardous chemicals or pesticides. Instead, ZappBug uses only heat, which is the deadliest enemy of bed bugs. The temperature typically ranges between 120 F and 155 F, which will kill all bed bugs, but is safe for most belongings.

    In addition, the heating unit is external to the box and has a tip-over safety switch to prevent fire hazard. Insulated for Efficiency ZappBug uses heat reflective insulation material, which increases efficiency and reduces treatment time. Use & Operation Check out the user manual.

    Please make sure that you have sufficient power to feed the two heaters that come with the ZappBug Oven 2. Note that the unit comes with an extension cord to plug a heater using a circuit from an adjacent room.

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    ZappBug Oven 2

    $579.99 CAD
    $549.99 CAD

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