Are There Guaranteed Bed Bug Treatments to Eliminate these Pests?

The first thing that will come to your mind upon discovering and confirming a bed bug infestation is whether you should kill bed bugs on your own or get bed bug extermination services. There are DIY treatment options that you can try. You can use certain pest control products or for an uncontrollable situation, calling expert services can be your final choice.

Prior to proceeding to any treatment, you should identify the level of infestation and do a long and thorough bed bug inspection. Since not every treatment can guarantee positive results in one day, long patience and huge effort are needed to eradicate them completely. It will take a long period of time, but it’s worth it. Also, the cooperation of everyone and constant observation of precautionary measures can help prevent another infestation.

Why Choose the Bed Bug Treatment Carefully

It is crucial that you spend time in choosing the type of treatment to turn your home bed bug free. This is due to the growing number of species that are developing resistance to pesticides. Some may even be able to develop resistance when you use one type of chemical continuously.

They can wait for the chemical residues to evaporate and stay hidden until it dies down. By then, they can go back to the cycle of feeding off you. If you are dealing with non-resistant species, you are fortunate enough to say that they can be eradicated.

There are various factors that may affect the success of your efforts to get rid of these bugs. It is advisable that you use a combination of different treatments. You can also use a specific treatment that can deal with the situation effectively.

Bed Bug Control Options You Can Try

As mentioned, you’ve got two options to choose from when treating bed bugs. It is either you go for DIY treatments or certain extermination services. The following are the DIY options for your bed bug issue:

Encasements for Mattresses and Box Springs

One way to protect your bed and yourself from bed bug bites is to use these encasements. It is given that bed bugs love hiding in your bed and anything near it to stay close to you. Make sure that you cover your mattress and box spring. This will not only protect you from getting bites but will also prevent the ones hiding in your bed from escaping.

These encasements are designed with sealable zippers while still making it breathable. The special fabric used for these encasements prevents the bugs from reaching you even when you lay on the same infested bed.

For this to be more effective and no remaining bed bugs will escape, it is advisable that you use this for at least a year or so. This will starve the bugs and cause them to eventually die. You can also use bed bug pillowcases along with the encasement for the mattress and box springs for extra protection.


If you’re looking for a natural substance that is environmentally safe and can effectively kill these pesky critters, powdered treatment is your option. Simply spray the powder in cracks and crevices in your home and also in your bed frames.

This powder or diatomaceous earth seems like talc powder. However, it is actually an effective killer once bed bugs get in contact with this powder.

It slowly kills the bugs as the powder is composed of sharp microscopic pieces that cause lesions on the exoskeletons. This will eventually dehydrate them and die several days after getting exposed. You can vacuum the powder regularly and then reapply to keep your home protected.


There are various types of traps that you can use that can act as bait during bed bug outbreaks. They can be captured in a glue cartridge or get sprayed or exposed to any chemical. There are some that you can place in any part of your home and let it do its job discreetly. Some can be used in between your bed or placed under each bedpost to lure and trap the bugs as they try to reach you and feed off you.

When to Call For an Expert?

If any of the DIY treatments don’t work and the infestation is worse than you expected, you can call for an expert. Instead of choosing a chemical-based treatment plan, it is highly recommended that you go for heat treatment.

The use of heat is more advisable as it can kill bed bugs and their eggs more effectively. With other treatments, it may require several sessions before getting a successful result. With heat, it is less likely to find bed bugs after the initial treatment. Choosing the right company, you can be provided with services backed by warranty lasting 90 days or guarantees a successful bug-free home in one visit.