Bug Control Treatment for Box Elders

Though boxelder bugs don’t pose any danger to you and your home, the sight of them in groups may terrify you. Thus, the need for immediate bug control treatment to prevent the infestation from getting worse.

To avoid having more box elder bugs from getting in your home, it is advisable that you do exclusion methods. Some of the methods you can do are:

·         Close wall voids and seal cracks in the foundation

Don’t give these bugs a way to get inside your home. Make sure that you check your house for every crack and crevice where these bugs can fit. They will not do any structural damage, but they can become unsightly inside your house.

·         Install screens on your windows and doors

One way to prevent them from controlling the large numbers of bugs getting inside your home is by installing screens or mesh screens in any opening of your home. Do the same in soffit and roof vents.

·         Seal gaps and holes around cables, plumbing, and wires

These insects can also get inside your home through gaps and holes around wires, cables, and plumbing. So, see to it that you seal these small spaces securely.

These are just some ways to exclude them and keeping them out while you are treating those that are already inside.

Control Treatments that You Can Do

One of the common ways to control these bugs and treat an infestation is using chemicals. However, there are other ways to get rid of them and prevent them from coming back. Check out the following pest control treatments you can try:

1.      Botanical insecticide

This is safe and environment-friendly residual insecticide that can help in keeping these bugs out for a long time. You just have to spray these on common entry points in your home.

2.      Insecticidal soap

An initial treatment you can safely use is insecticidal soap. However, this will require you to repeat the procedure until no bugs are in sight. This solution must be sprayed directly on bugs.

3.      Pyrethroid Insecticide

This is the most aggressive method you can use against these bugs. All you need to do is to spray this lightly to eves and siding where bugs gather. Though this method is not necessary, it can treat bugs quickly.

You have to use it with caution since it is hazardous and toxic around humans and pets. Make sure that you follow the right usage of the insecticide to avoid accidents or health risks.

4.      Vacuum them up

A less expansive and environment-friendly option you can use is a vacuum cleaner. After every use, make sure that you throw away the dead bugs and clean up the canister.

Do this method every day or every other day throughout the fall season. This is highly recommended especially when you notice bugs flying around your home.

Being a nuisance pest, creating your pest management plan against these bugs is crucial. You have to find all the living spaces where they are hiding and apply the treatments as often as need.

If you have box elder trees or maple trees around your property, it is necessary that you look out for these bugs. Since you have host trees in your property, there is a high chance that you’ll see these bugs swarming on these trees.

Make it a point to treat these bugs and prevent more bugs from gathering before winter starts. They love the sunny weather but creep into houses during the cold season. So, see to it that you deal with these bugs as soon as you can and prevent an infestation from growing.