Common Pest Birds in Canada

Birds may seem harmless in the environment. You give them food and shelter and they will eat harmful insects. Though this is mostly true, there are some nuisance birds that only result in the destruction of properties and cause accidents.

Bird droppings are unsightly and can corrode roofs and harbour bacteria. Nests can cause fire hazards and block air vents. Not all birds are a nuisance. There are just some that can cause bird problems such as those found in Canada.

Bird Species Considered as Pests in Canada

There are certain species of bird in North America that are considered as pests. These are the following:


It was in the late 1890s when starlings were brought from Europe. The species began increasing in number and spread across the entire continent. They become as big as robins when they reach their adult size.

Both sexes have the same colours. Their usual diet consists of seeds and fruits that are either cultivated or wild. During the breeding season in spring, they would mostly eat insects and various invertebrates. On the other hand, wintering flocks get their food from livestock shelters and feedlots.

As they consume livestock water and feed, they also contaminate it. They whitewash buildings, animals, and facilities because of their droppings.

During winter, they can consume a maximum of 2 tons of feed within a month. This results in contaminating or spoiling about 500 to 1,000 kg of livestock feed. They can also transmit diseases including swine between livestock animals.

House Sparrows

These songbirds are abundant in North America and widely distributed across the globe. The species is not actually considered as sparrows. These are family of birds known as Old World Weaver Finches that are well recognized for their ingenious ability to build nests. A sparrow is about 6 inches long and both young and females have the same physical characteristics.

They prefer building their nests in protected natural or man-made environments. These birds are known for displacing other bird species from their nests for them to use the nests as their own. They often construct their nests in openings in gutters, structures, light fixtures, signs and more.

They often create nests in bathrooms, ovens, kitchens, and dryer vents. Since they prefer building their nests in residential spaces, it is necessary for homeowners to ask for bird control and extermination services.


There are about 11 species that can be found in Northern parts of America and colours vary from white to black with an iridescent sheen. All pigeons have short neck and legs, a stocky body and a small head.

Among the most troublesome birds that you can find in most urban areas are pigeons. They can nest in hard-to-reach areas. These birds can build their nests in any season as long as the conditions allow.

They basically eat anything their beaks touch. Due to the high acid content of their droppings, it can cause damage to painted surface, equipment, limestone, marble and others. These birds can carry diseases in their droppings. They also carry parasitic mites that can bite humans.

There are equipment and devices that you can use to prevent birds from coming back or building nests in your property. However, when the population of these birds becomes higher than usual, it is about time that you get pest control services.

Canada Geese

These birds inhabit marshes and lakes in rural areas where they can get nutritious aquatic vegetation and rear their young. Man-made ponds and lakes attract these birds. They use sites for feeding, resting and breeding.

Being migratory birds, the high availability of food and harborage encourage them to abandon or delay migration. These birds stay and propagate in artificial environments much to the detriment and annoyance of humans.

The fact that these birds are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act1 contributes to the increase of their population. They are viewed as pests in various places due to the problems they cause in the crops and surroundings of their chosen nesting place. Some of the troubles they cause are the destruction of ornamental plantings, grain crops, and littering of pavements and grounds with their droppings.

They are hazardous around airports especially when an aircraft is landing and taking off, resulting in possible fire hazards with the plane.

These birds can also cause troubles on roadways especially to motor vehicles. They can be a nuisance when they chase and attack people passing near their nesting areas.

When they stay in a certain location in extreme numbers, professional or DIY methods can help control their presence and activity. Safe elimination of these birds in public places is necessary to ensure the safety of humans, equipment, vehicles, and surroundings.

Learning When to Call for Exterminators

Not all birds cause a nuisance, especially when they are in small numbers. However, once their population increases and they start building nests in inappropriate spots, it is time for the call for help. Go for safe and effective methods that will put an end to your pest problems.