Flea Bites Treatments to Relieve Discomfort and Prevent Infection

Finding red spots on your body as you wake up can be a sign of a pest infestation. However, you can’t simply say that you got bed bug bites or mosquito bites unless you’ve seen these insects.

If you have a pet dog or cat, there is a great chance that you’re dealing with fleas. You can easily identify their bites. If you are allergic to bites, there are specific symptoms that you should look for. Once you notice the bites, there are various treatments you can try to alleviate the pain and relieve the discomfort.

How to Identify Flea Bites

Unlike other insect bites, the ones from fleas are easy to identify. Once you get bitten, the marks will stay small. Other characteristics of their bites are:

  • Bites appear small, red bumps
  • A flea bite will have a red coloured “halo around the middle of the bite
  • Bites are either in a cluster of three or four. They can also be in a line.
  • The most common bitten areas are legs and ankles.

Aside from the lower parts of the body, bites may also appear around the waist, breasts, armpits, groins and in the folds of your knees and elbows.

Symptoms of Bites from Fleas

There are several symptoms that you may experience if ever you are sensitive to flea bites. Some common symptoms you’ll notice on human skin are:

  • The bitten area becomes very itchy
  • The skin around the area may become painful and sore
  • You may also develop rash or hives near the bitten area like what you may experience with bites and stings of other insects.

Though itchy, it is advisable that you avoid excessive scratching as it may damage the skin further and result in secondary infections. Scratching the bite may introduce bacterial infections that may cause a rash or white-topped blisters.

Do These Bites Bring Other Health Problems?

When bitten by fleas, humans have a low chance of contracting any disease. However, this is not the case with your pets. You must take them immediately to the vet for proper treatment once you confirm a flea problem.

Treatments for Fleabites

The bites may go away even without any treatment. However, to completely avoid getting bitten again, you should get rid of fleas. In addition, you should have your house and pets treated for fleas to stop the bites.

For bites, some of the treatments that you can do are the following:

1.      Wash the affected area using warm soapy water

Among the common home remedies that you can immediately try are washing it completely, applying antiseptic and applying an ice pack. You can also use frozen vegetables if an ice pack is not available. Leave it on for about 10 minutes, rest for another 10 minutes, and repeat till the swelling subsides.

2.      Apply hydrocortisone cream or calamine lotion

You can get any of these ointments over the counter. Both can help relieve the itching. Just make sure you use it according to the manufacturer’s guide.

3.      Prescription medicines

In case you develop any allergic reactions, it is advisable that you immediately seek medical attention. There are OTC products you can use and there is also some antihistamine that your doctor may find more effective with your reaction.

4.      Apply aloe vera gel

After washing the affected area, you can apply some of the gel to soothe the discomfort and reduce irritation.

5.      Use essential oils

There are various options that can help in hastening the healing process and relieve the discomfort due to the bites. Oils like basil or lavender can all help in alleviating the itch and pain.

If oils are not available, you can use the plants directly on the bites. Simply crush the plants and apply it directly on the affected area.

6.      Coconut Pulp

Blend the coconut flesh and apply the paste on the area. Wrap it with a towel for an hour or so and wash it off completely.

Do this at least three times a day and you will notice the swelling will reduce. You can also do it before going to bed and you will see that results in the morning. Repeat the entire process as needed.

With these treatment methods in mind, you can choose which ones will work well for you. You can try each one or just use one that you think will relieve the symptoms of the bites.

How to Stop Getting Bites

One way to stop getting bites from these pests is by treating the root cause of the flea infestation. It is essential that you have your home and your pets treated from fleas. This will significantly reduce the number of fleas in your home.

Make sure that you always clean your house and wash all washable items in hot water. This will kill live fleas and eggs. Once treated, it is advisable that you use pest control products or methods continuously to prevent fleas from coming back.