How to Achieve Effective Cockroach Infestation Control

When a cockroach infestation starts, controlling their population will not be as easy as it seems. The first thing you should do is determine where they are hiding. This will give you the ease to know where you should be targeting your pest control solutions.

You must think of ways to control them as letting them roam around your house can cause a lot of health risks. There are products you can use and there are also alternative solutions to control an infestation.

Where to Find Them?

To make sure you can attain effective infestation control, it is necessary that you know their hiding places. The common locations where you can find them are:

  • They love staying at places where there are humidity and heat. You can find them in warehouses, garages, basements, and boiler rooms.
  • These pests can also hide in pipes, ovens, drawers, and bases of refrigerators and washing machines.
  • Cracks and crevices in false ceilings found in bathrooms, and small gaps in sinks and tiles.
  • They can also be found where there are materials such as plastic or wood. You may find them in baseboards or furniture. Try checking wooden mouldings as well.

With these locations in mind, you will have some ideas where these pests are possibly hiding. It will also help you create a strategy on where you should be placing baits.

How to Control Cockroach Infestations

If there is a roach infestation in your home, you can try different cockroach control methods to make them go away and never return to your home. The methods you can try are the following:

  1. Homemade Cockroach Bait

You can create a homemade bait by mixing one part of boric acid, one part white flour, and one part powdered white sugar. Flour and sugar will be the attractant while the boric powder will kill roaches.

Sprinkle the mixture around your home in the backs of cabinets and drawers and under stoves and refrigerators. Make sure that you don’t sprinkle it on areas where your children or pets can access as it can cause serious health problems.

  1. Soapy Water Solution

An easy way to kill these pests is by using a soapy water solution. You can use any soap, even your bath soap and water. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and spray or splash it directly on roaches.

This will be enough to kill the roaches. Though the roach may try to run or will run, it will stop suddenly and die or almost within a minute.

  1. Applying Liquid Concentrate

If you are not a fan of using gel bait, this type of product can be used as it acts as a deterrent and poison. It can be applied on any surface and cracks and crevices and deter roaches for a maximum of 2 weeks.

You can dilute it in water and spray it on areas where the roaches may be hiding or may pass through. Just make sure that you don’t spray it on surfaces that kids and pets may access.

Aside from completely getting rid of these roaches from your home, it is also necessary that you exert efforts against reinfestation.

Steps to Avoid Cockroaches from Coming Back

Despite getting products to exterminate these roaches, it is essential that you take extra steps in preventing them from coming back. The following are things you can do after extermination procedures:

1.      Clean and Sanitize Infested Areas

If you have determined the areas where these pests are hiding, the first roach control step is to get rid of food, water, and other scraps that have fallen from your plates or countertops. Among the first things that attract cockroaches are the standing water sources under sinks of kitchens and bathrooms.

As much as possible, clear any food scraps that fell on the floor. Leftover food scraps on countertops after eating or after cooking must be cleaned as well. Don’t forget to sanitize the surfaces to make sure they are completely free from residues.

2.      Get Rid of Clutter

If you have stacks of boxes, piles of laundry, and trash bins outside and around the house, remove them as soon as possible. There are times when these aren’t moved or cleaned for quite some time. Make sure that you regularly clean the areas or remove them to reduce clutter.

3.      Move Food Sources Away

Avoid leaving dirty dishes piling up in the sink. Cockroaches are attracted to food particles.

Once done, clear the dishes and throw them in the dishwasher right after use. Make sure you also clean the entire sink and countertops before retiring for the day.

4.      Use Pesticides and Glue Tape

Another way of keeping these pests away is by using pesticides and glue traps. With glue traps, you just have to place them strategically on possible entry points like near the dishwasher, refrigerator, and around the kitchen. Check the traps regularly to see if anything got caught and remove them.

The main reason why sprays are chosen by many is because of its residual effects. Its effectiveness can last for approximately a month or two.

To prepare the area to be treated, wipe the insides of drawers and cupboards with a mixture of soap and water. Then proceed to spray all corners of the drawers and cupboards. Spray areas susceptible as breeding grounds.

You can do this continuously as a precautionary measure to capture any roaches in case there are new ones that may come up in your home.

Note: Try to fight the urge to step on a cockroach when you see one. There is a chance that you have stepped on a female and may have left eggs that could hatch later on.

Important Reminder: Even the cleanest and tidiest houses can be infested. It is highly recommended that you don’t only get rid of roaches, but resolve the issue from the main cause to avoid re-infestation.

It is necessary that you act immediately if you find out that your home is having a cockroach infestation. Regardless if you’re dealing with American roach, German roach, or another type of roach, they all carry bacteria that can cause food poisoning and other health risks.