How to Prevent Carpet Beetles

There’s a lot of damage that carpet beetles can do to your belongings. To prevent an infestation or a reinfestation from happening, there are various preventative measures that you can do. You just have to patiently and eagerly do these measures to keep these pests from your home.

Preventative Measures You Can Do Against Carpet Beetles

1.      Always keep your home clean

Similar to most pests, these insects will only find your home a suitable place to live in if their food sources are just around your home. This only means that you have to reduce all the clutter and everything that these beetles love to feed on.

Make sure that you keep both your home indoors and outdoors clean. When cleaning outdoors, see to it that you’ve removed bird nests, spider webs, and wasp nests. These insects can harbour in these nests, lay eggs, and be able to start an infestation near your home.

If you have pollinating plants touching your structure or home, it is ideal that you cut them off as adult carpet beetles feed on pollen.

It may seem like a usual chore you do daily, but you have to keep indoors as clean as possible. This is an effective way of preventing a carpet beetle infestation. Make it a habit to vacuum regularly to capture carpet beetles larvae, eggs, and even adult ones.

If you have infested items, wash and dry them in high heat to kill the beetles in all life stages. Aside from vacuuming, you can also steam clean carpets and other surfaces around your home.

It has the same effect as using high heat in washing and drying.

2.      Inspect foliage carefully before bringing indoors

Since adult beetles are attracted and feed on pollens, make sure that you inspect any plants or flowers before bringing them inside. Whether you bought them from a store or cut them from the garden, the beetles can be hiding in the plants and effortlessly access your home.

3.      Get air-tight containers for decors and linens

If you tend to store decors and linens in closets, it is ideal that you put them inside airtight containers. Since these beetles prefer dark areas and natural fibre, they will find your closet a good place to live in. This is necessary especially when you seldom use such items.

4.      Seal every crack and crevice

Don’t let these beetles and even other pests from entering your home by sealing every crack and crevice, gaps, and other holes you see around your home. Always inspect your kitchen shelves, cabinets and upholstered furniture. These are their favourite hiding spots.

5.      Clean your pet’s bed and its surrounding

These pests just love animal hair and your pet’s bed is among the first places where these beetles will settle in your home. Aside from using your pet’s body as an alternative hiding place, they also feed on your pet’s dead skin.

Once you spot these insects in your pet’s bed, make sure to clean and wash the bed and even his toys to kill the pests. In addition, give your pet a bath and thoroughly shampoo his or her body.

6.      Have a regular schedule for washing fabrics and cloths

Don’t wait for a year or two before washing fabrics, washcloths, carpets, and rugs. Always wash and dry them in high heat to keep them clean and free from these pests. This must be done particularly for fabrics and clothes that aren’t used always.

7.      Use naphthalene or moth balls as repellent

These can be used as a repellent for these beetles. Simply place them in corners of your attic, wardrobe, and other places. This will ward them off your property and keep them out.

8.      Keep all storage areas as clean as possible

Aside from washing and keeping your fabrics in sealable containers, it is also necessary that you keep the storage areas spic and span. Vacuum all shelves and use a steam cleaner if possible to clean out all corners and surfaces.

9.      Clean all trash cans clean

Aside from the common hiding areas of carpet beetles, it is also necessary that you regularly take your trash out and keep the trash can clean. If possible, keep the lid on and wipe it with any disinfectants.

Make it a habit to spray trashcans inside out with water and bleach mixture. Do this at least twice a year. Rinse the cans thoroughly and wipe the cans dry.

10.  Turn to the use of synthetic materials

Through organic fabrics feel more comfortable to use, they can attract these beetles all the time. So, if it is possible, turn to the use of synthetic materials, as beetles will never try to feed on such materials.

11.  Donate old fabrics and clothes

Instead of storing old fabrics and clothes in your garage or attic, it is highly recommended that you just donate all of them. This way, you are not giving them the environment that they need and limit their food.

12.  Find insect sprays meant for carpet beetles

If you notice a part of your home is already heavily infested, you can turn to the use of insect sprays as your last resort. There are also insect sprays that can act as repellents to prevent insects from getting on any of your belongings. You can use these sprays on your wardrobes, furniture, and carpets.

An alternative is the use of boric acid. However, this requires extra care when using. If you are quite unsure with using this option, it is ideal that you just let experts handle the job.

13.  Secure air vents and window screens

These are possible entry points for beetles to get inside your home. Have screens and vents repaired or replaced if you see any torn or damaged parts. To completely seal these areas, caulk the edges.

14.  Hang sticky fly traps or glue traps near potential entry points

Just to make sure that they will not enter your home, you can hang sticky flytraps or glue traps near entry points. The insects will never escape these traps as they try to enter your home.

There are different ways to rid of carpet beetles. However, to prevent them from coming back, you can start with using pest control products while doing the abovementioned preventative measures.