How to Prevent Fleas in Your House

Once a flea problem starts in your home, it will be too late for you to do preventative measures. Many are confused between fleas and ticks. This is the reason why you should know how to identify which is which and deal with it as soon as possible.

However, if you’ve dealt with an infestation and wanted to control fleas and avoid reinfestation, there are a lot of preventative measures you can do. The more fleas that you find means the more aggressive your actions should be.

Flea Prevention Tips that You Can Try

Start with the following tips to prevent fleas from creating huge problems in your home. These will also help you get rid of fleas during early stages of infestations.

Maintain Your Home’s Cleanliness

Most people might not consider cleanliness and sanitation important in preventing fleas. However, these can provide a lot of benefits in dealing with the main cause of the infestation.

With daily or regular vacuuming, you can capture live fleas and get rid of important elements in the development and life cycle of fleas. Vacuuming will remove flea dirt and debris on carpets, furniture, rugs, and pet hair that protects the flea pupae.

Cleaning regularly can help inhibit the growth and survival of fleas. Aside from your home, you should also clean pet beds and other areas where they tend to stay. This will help reduce the areas where immature fleas that are still developing.

Extend Cleaning Outdoors

Aside from cleaning indoors, you should also pay attention to areas around your home. Since it is unavoidable for wild animals to live or visit your property, it is most likely that the fleas came from them.

To get rid of possible hiding spots, it is recommended that you mow grass regularly. Rake all vegetative litter and dispose of them properly. Remove tall grasses and weeds on fencerows to prevent animals from hiding in these areas.

Dealing with Stray Pets and Wildlife

Aside from your pets, other culprits that may collect and bring fleas to your property are stray and wild animals. This is the main reason why you should also know how to discourage other animals from entering your property.

Even without a pet, these insects can still infest your home. They can be brought inside by small animals like mice and other rodents. If you have to use control products like baits or traps, you can scatter these around your property to get rid of these pests.

You can also use insect growth regulator along with any insecticide that you can use regularly. All it takes is to spray potential hot spots to reduce the chances of dealing with fleas in your home.


Aside from animals, fleas can also be brought by humans as they visit your home. Since adult fleas actively respond to vibrations, carbon dioxide, and movements, they can easily access your home.

Even you can bring these pests home by simply walking across yards, parks or any area with a flea infestation.  They can easily hike on your clothes and even on your skin.

Whether you are a pet owner or not these fleas can get in your home and eventually start an infestation going on. To prevent these from happening, you can use various flea control products. Figure out which product or method will work best for your infestation problem to resolve the issue.


You can only control the infestation of fleas if you can work on getting rid of the pests not only inside and outside your home but also on your pets. If you know that your pets have them, these insects can easily fall off their bodies and spread around your home.

Make sure that you look for the right flea shampoo and flea treatment for your pets to kill the fleas. It is important you always inspect your pets by using a flea comb.

Combing your pets regularly will help capture the live fleas, flea eggs, and even flea feces. If you see stray pets outside your home, you can help either in taking care of them or in contacting local authorities to take care of them.

Using the Right Products for Controlling Fleas

Using the right products to control these pests is important to finally resolve your flea issues. It is much easier to control these pests instead of exterminating an infestation. Prevention saves more time and money since you will not have to use expensive treatments or hire professionals.

However, when the situation is worse than your initial findings, hiring professionals is your last resort. Yes, it might be time-consuming and costly, but you can immediately notice results. With continuous prevention and management, it is possible to avoid reinfestation.