How to Trap Moles in Your House

If you saw an animal that looks like a rodent inside your house, you might have encountered a mole. Most species of moles share certain features such as no visible ears, small eyes, broad forefeet, and short tails.

Although it’s unusual to find moles in the house, it does happen. These critters dig underground tunnels and leave mole hills in the lawn. They prefer the loose dirt of a well-maintained garden and yard.

Moles may enter your home through a foundation crack close to the soil line or a damaged basement window. You can keep moles out of your house by fixing the siding or foundation.

Mole Removal

Vegetative Barriers

Some plants can help you get rid of moles. One of these plants is the mole plant or the Euphorbia lathyris, an invasive and self-seeding plant that could also improve your garden’s appeal when it flowers.

You can plant chocolate lilies or garlic to control these critters. These plants tend to turn the moles off, forcing them to look for other areas that don’t have such plants.

Alliums, daffodils, castor bean plant, and marigold can also help. Some of these plants, however, could be poisonous. If you have pets or children, you should consider other methods to trap moles.

Mole Repellents

You can take advantage of the mole’s sense of smell by spraying repellents that hold them off. A natural mole repellent can be made by mixing dish soap and castor oil. Just mix 2 tablespoons dish soap and 6 ounces castor oil in 1 gallon of water and spray it to the affected area on a regular basis.

You can also buy pest repellents that are safe around children and pets. Solar powered mole repellents are available as well. It sends electric currents through the soil, chasing the moles out of your garden.

Install Mole Traps

Using traps can also help you get rid of moles. You can buy a mole trap or mouse traps from local or online stores selling pest control products. These products could be either killing traps or a live trap.

Animal traps allow you to catch the mole when they try to eat the bait. You just need to set up the trap in an active mole tunnel. A traditional mouse trap should be washed with soapy water in order to get rid of any odour, as moles will not go near the device if they smell a scent that is not theirs.

Use Pit Traps

A pit trap is a friendly way to remove moles. Live moles are trapped in a container placed in a hole. The mole falls into the container. Determine the most active runway and dig through it.

Fit a large container that’s in level with the deepest part of the tunnel. Cover the container with soil or wood shavings to make sure that it blends with a runway.

Check the container often and pick up the moles caught up in the trap to release them in another area far away from your home. This method is not a permanent way of eliminating moles.

Flood Moles Out of the Ground

You can flood moles out of the ground with piped water. Look for an active mole tunnel and then insert a hose in it. Let the water flow in. When the flooding is enough, the moles in the tunnel will be flushed out of your property.

Use enough water and find a way to trap the moles because they might escape and return once the ground has dried out. However, this method might be costly as you risk flooding out your house or running high water bills.

Build Garden Barriers

You can build a fence around the garden. This can be a more permanent solution to mole problems when done correctly. Building garden barriers keep the animals away instead of killing or catching them. You can dig a 2' deep channel around your garden and build the fence from that depth. Gravel, concrete, or wire mesh can be used to prevent the barrier from crossing over to the yard.

Hire a Pest Control Professional

Professional mole exterminators know the equipment and methods to use to get rid of moles. They can give tips on how to protect the lawn from being infested by moles. Hiring a qualified professional also provides a fast, quality, and permanent pest extermination result.

By using these methods properly, you can get rid of moles and rejuvenate your property’s appearance.