Importance of Integrated Pest Management

Integrated pest management or simply IPM is an approach used to control infestations designed to suppress and reduce the population of pests at a certain threshold. Different techniques are used to prevent any pests from continuously breeding.

With this approach, it helps in reducing the number of pests through the use of a variety of techniques and methods. These techniques and methods are refined in the long run.

In this approach, the pest control professionals evaluate the techniques and methods used on the current condition on the affected property. The evaluation may take into consideration the presence of children and pets. This way, the wellbeing of everyone leaving in the property is protected.

Throughout the process, various factors are considered to create a method that is most suitable in dealing with the pests. It may seem like a lengthy process, but professionals will simply use a particular method they used for similar situations they encountered.

Why is IPM Important?

IPM is not only used in households or commercial establishments. It is originally meant for agricultural purposes. In fact, there are methods used for conventional and organic farming systems. The pesticides that must be used are allowed by the government to ensure public safety.

Below are the advantages of using IPM:

1.      You get a customized approach to resolving pest infestations

What makes this approach beneficial is that you get the suitable techniques and methods that will get rid of the pests effectively. There is a lot of consideration done throughout the process, which makes it possible to get successful results.

In this process, the professionals will use their knowledge about the life cycle, habits, dislikes, and needs of the pests present in your home. This helps them create a more customized method that will effectively kill the pests and prevent them from coming back.

2.      Techniques and methods aim to maintain an environment that is free from pests

The main purpose of this approach is to use methods that are practical but are effective in killing all pests. Thus, the final approach will result in an environment that is free from all sorts of pests.

Professionals aim to use only the least toxic for initial treatments and then move on to pesticides when the situation is beyond control. Though not one method works for all infestations, a few adjustments are done to make one or more technique work effectively.

3.      It is an adaptable system

Since the evaluation requires the use of certain techniques and methods to actual situations, the system can be used for similar situations in various ways. As long as controlling pest populations is attained and human health is protected, certain methods can be used in other similar cases.

One case will require continuous monitoring to make necessary adjustments to control and eliminate the pests. All of these result in creating a method that works in the present situation.

4.      Your health is always considered

One of the important things about the use of IPM is that professionals put your wellbeing before anything else. As they consider choosing the right method for getting rid of pests in your property, they will also put your wellbeing and health first. You are provided with options that will not harm you, your children, pets nor your plants and garden.

It is really interesting to learn more about IPM, as it combines the use of scientific principles and common sense. The approach also includes tolerating pests that don’t cause damage or harm. Professionals will also set a threshold for them to know when they should act.

When to Call for Experts to Conduct and Provide IPM?

Though you can also make your own IPM methods, it may require you to spend on various options or products prior to getting the right one. Though general knowledge about pests helps in identifying the right methods to use, there are times when the infestation is too difficult to handle on your own.

When your situation involves heavy infestation, calling for experts can be your last option. Yes, it might be expensive, but at least you get the job done with ease. This also saves you and everyone in your household from getting exposed to pesticides that may put their health at risk.

So, the next time you encounter a pest problem, try to implement the use of IPM.