Pill Bugs Identification

The identifying qualities of pill bugs are so interesting. Since they are harmless, they can be introduced to children. However, if you start noticing that there are lots of these crustaceans in your property, it means that you have an infestation.

How PillBugs Look

Scientifically known as Armadillidium vulgaris, these insects are considered as crustaceans that are able to live on land. They are often called as rollie pollies, armadillo bugs, or potato bugs because of their armour-like shells.

These crustaceans are most likely found in areas that are dark and moist. If you have decaying vegetation in your property, they will most likely spend their lives in these areas.

These crustaceans are easy to identify. Some of their distinct characteristics are:

  • They have seven hard plates on their back similar to armadillos.
  • They have a total of seven pairs of legs and have an oval-shaped body
  • Just like armadillos, they roll into a ball when disturbed. They can stay in the form of a tight ball until they feel that the threat is far from them.
  • These are usually about a ½-inch thick, ¾ inch in length, and are dark brown, gray, or black in colour.
  • They are most active at night and eat decaying plant matter.
  • Rolling into a ball is their main defence mechanism and protects them from threats.

Make use of these details to learn how these pests look and be more accurate in identifying them. This is one way of finding the right treatment to get rid of these crustaceans effectively.

Known for Their Different Names

In North America alone, these pests are called in different names. They are also commonly known as Sowbugs in the West. However, they are from a different genus and sow bugs don’t have the characteristic of rolling up just like a pillbug.

These crustaceans are popularly known as roly-polies in the Midwest, while they are called woodlice in the East. They are isopods and are close relatives of crustaceans.

With their different names, you might end up confusing them with other pests. However, their distinct characteristics will help you identify them accurately. This will also give you hints on the right treatments or products to use to keep them away.

What Makes Them a Nuisance?

Unlike other pests, these crustaceans aren’t really a nuisance unless they get inside your home. Since they don’t sting or bite and since they move slowly, you can easily catch them and check them out.

They usually wander on leaf litter, under woodpiles, and rocks. This means that they can still live when there is water loss in the area they inhabited first.

Though they don’t do any damage to your home, you might find their presence in your home a bit odd, especially in large number. Since you’re not completely familiar with these pests, it is likely that you turn to the use of various pest control products to deal with them.

They can be found in various wooden areas of your home especially wooden items you place outdoors. If you have some areas with vegetation, you might want to check the moist soil and nearby rocks for possible pillbugs hiding underneath.

Should You Call an Exterminator?

Aside from using control products, you should also have an idea on how to prevent these pests from getting in your property. It is necessary that you pay more attention in keeping them away instead of repeatedly using or doing treatments in your home.