Safe and Effective Bird Control Solutions

Bird nesting materials and droppings on, in and around structures may cause health risks. Airborne spores from dried droppings may enter buildings through air conditioning systems. It may expose owners, employees, and even customers to fungal or bacterial related diseases.

Not taking action may damage roofing materials and shorten its life expectancy, so it is important to utilize control products that are meant specifically for birds. These products should repel and deter birds as well as help resolve your common and wild bird problems.

Different Products to Use for Controlling Bird Infestations

There are different options when it comes to choosing the bird control product that you’ll use in your residential or commercial property. The method depends on how you want to control the birds trying to access your home or establishment.

Bird Netting

This is the most versatile solution that you can use. It gives a discreet barrier that effectively prevents all types of birds from entering your property.

The net serves as a false ceiling or false wall that prevents birds from accessing the roosting spots in your property. It can act as a permanent way of stopping bird droppings from destroying valuable properties.

Bird Spikes

Protect leading roof edges, ledges, rain gutters, and sills from birds looking for roosting spots by installing these spikes. These spikes effectively prevent pigeons as well as larger birds from landing on your property. Due to the blunt spikes, any bird will find it hard to gain a foothold, give up, and eventually fly away.

Wire Installations

These are low profile systems that keep pigeons off the sill or ledge without affecting the aesthetics of your property or building. The bases of these installations are drilled or glued onto the surface to steadily hold the steel wire up.

Bird Repellents

There is a wide range of repellents that you can use for pest birds. You can choose from safe chemical products or visual repellents that are designed specifically to keep any birds away.


If you are looking for humane ways to control and eliminate birds from your property, traps are the ideal options for you. There is a wide range of traps that you can choose from depending on the types of birds infesting your property.

Bird Guards and Screens

Other humane yet economical ways that you can use for keeping birds as well as other wildlife away from entering any opening are guards and screens. You can choose from chimney guards, vents, and roofs.

Haze Generators

These are bird deterrents designed to scatter a thin haze of Methyl Anthranilate (MA) to flying birds. If it seems like other solutions are impractical in your location, this method is a highly recommended option.

Bird Exclusion

There are various bird exclusion products that you can use to prevent birds from landing on specific nesting or roosting surfaces. It saves your property from unwelcomed birds. They won’t be able to hide and reach spaces where they can roost.

Shock Track Systems

Shock track systems are a low profile yet highly effective tool that can keep all birds off your protected areas. You will not have to worry about constant recharging and re-installing since it is solar-powered.

The fact that you have a highly effective system to deal with the birds will give you peace of mind, knowing that you can effortlessly eliminate birds. It releases intermittent shock that is memorable for birds, but doesn’t hurt them. This teaches birds to stay away for a long time.

Dropping Clean-Up

There are also biochemical products that are formulated with live enzymes that clean and disinfect droppings. You can use this along with other products to break down droppings efficiently. It can also reduce any solids left and get rid of any odours.

Flock Relocation

When your property is located in a place where flocks of birds tend to enter and cause troubles, flock relocation can be your last resort. This is ideal for large facilities like box stores and airport terminals.

This works like a volleyball nest and is virtually invisible when deployed properly. Whenever birds hit the net, they will fall into pockets installed with the net and become tangled. This prevents them from flying away and disrupting operations.

When are Bird Control Experts Needed?

As soon as you notice that your bird issues are getting worse, it is time that you consider calling experts. Though using equipment and devices is both affordable and convenient, it may not resolve the problems.

Also, it may take time for you to get the results you want. In case the issues are no longer controllable or you have no idea how to manage the devices on your own, you can let the experts handle the job for you.