Signs of a Bird Infestation in Your Home or Business

Seeing birds in your backyard or even in your decks can be a beautiful sight. However, everything changes when there are flocks of birds in your property. There are signs of a bird infestation that you should know.

What Signs Should You Look For?

A few birds are just fine, but how do you know if you are already dealing with an infestation? Check out the signs below.

1.      Birds in Large Numbers

There are specific times of the year when some species flock in large numbers. If you start noticing that the birds outside are sticking around and are growing in numbers, there can be an infestation going on.

The sight of birds’ nests even without setting up nesting materials outside is a sign that they have settled in your property.

2.      Bird Droppings

One of the things that will convince you to get rid of birds is the mess they make. Aside from the foul odour and unsightly white splatters of their droppings, it can cause property damage. The substances in their droppings can eat away metal and other materials, which can damage the item.

These droppings also make the surface slippery and cause accidents. Dried droppings concentrated in areas where birds roost can cause health issues.

3.      Damage roofs and eaves

Among the goals of birds is to build their nests where they can lay eggs. If there is a potential entry point in your home or business premises, it can become an ideal habitat for pest birds.

They can widen cracks, eaves, and corners or tear holes in your roof to create a place for roosting. Look for an opening that some birds are already using as a nesting and roosting place.

Birds have already started adapting to some inhospitable areas. They are now able to build their nests in flat roofs and tall buildings. These buildings may have entry points for pigeons, starlings, and sparrows that are looking for a new roosting ground.

4.      Too much noise

You may wake up in the morning feeling relaxed with one or two birds chirping. However, it’s a different story when there are large flocks making a lot of noise in your property.

Once settled in, you’ll hear various noises, continuous chirping, and even the sound of pecking on surfaces. All of these will convince you to start using bird control solutions.

5.      You start noticing pests associated with pest birds

If you don’t have pets inside your home, you might start wondering where certain insects like fleas, flies, and even rodents are coming from. Confirming the signs above plus the sight of pests inside your home is a sign that birds are intruding your property.

6.      Foul odour from rotting materials and garbage

Bird pests like pigeons eat whatever their beaks get into. This means that they can scavenge your garbage and make a mess out of nowhere.

Foul odours can also start from rotting materials or wasted food. This may come from damaged stock from pecking and bird fouling.

Any signs of birds that are starting infesting your home can cause a lot of problems in the long run. Not being able to control it right away can result in more expensive repairs. This leaves you with extensive use of pest control products around your property.

Infestation Issues that May Arise

There are various infestations that may arise if you let these birds continue infesting your home. Some of these issues are:

  • Airborne diseases from dried droppings
  • Blockage of vents, chimneys and rafters
  • Carry more pests inside your home
  • Feathers causing fire hazards in heating and cooling systems
You should eliminate these birds before it’s too late. Controlling and preventing a huge infestation from happening will save you time, money, and effort in the long run.