Signs of Carpet Beetle Infestation

Among the common pests that may infest your home are carpet beetles. These beetles feed on various animal-based items such as wool, silk, fur, leather and anything with animal hair. This only means that you can find infestations in upholstered furniture, coats, blankets, carpets, pillows, wool, comforters, and various clothing pieces.

Though these adult insects rarely feed on synthetic fabrics, these items can still attract these pests as long as they are soiled with food, perspiration, or oil. It is advantageous that you know why these pests create an infestation and know how to confirm their presence. Once an infestation starts, it can spread easily and quickly.

Signs of an Infestation

There are various ways to know if there is an ongoing infestation in your home. Among the most common signs is when you start seeing adult carpet beetles flying towards any source of light. You may even find them crawling on the floor. More ways to know if you have a carpet beetle infestation are the following:

1.      Discarded skin in dark areas or under furniture

Among the common signs of their presence are shed skins. Since they moult from larval phase to adult phase, you will most likely find their furry skins under any furniture or on your carpet. The more skins you see means that the larger the infestation is.

2.      Fecal pellets

You will most likely see these black or brown fecal pellets about the size of fine grains of sand under any furniture. The larvae are the ones leaving these droppings around. Once you see these anywhere in your home, it is necessary that you inspect further.

3.      Larvae coming out at night or when the room is dim

Carpet beetle larvae usually come out at night or early in the morning to feed. This is the main reason why beetles in this phase of life are difficult to spot. However, if you dim the room and close all the curtains during the day, you will most likely see them coming out.

If you are going to do this, keep an eye on larvae that might climb up walls, behind heavy pieces of furniture or in dark corners.

4.      They will feed in concentrated places

What damages your things are not the mature beetles nor clothes moths but the larvae. Since they love to hide in the dark corners, it is difficult for you to find them. They will munch on your clothes and other fabrics.

If you find clothes or any fabric with small holes instead of a big one, there is a high chance that the beetle larvae did these and not the moths.

5.      Adult beetles near any windows

Unlike common beliefs, it is not the beetles that cause damages. Adults only feed on pollen. It’s the reason why you’ll find them near any windows during early summer or spring. They do this to try to get out and feed.

Once you notice that there are several carpet beetles in any window, it is a clear sign that there is already an infestation. This means that you also need to find where the infestation is around your home immediately.

Depending on the species like black carpet beetles or varied carpet beetles, the treatment might also vary. Though there are DIY solutions like the use of boric acid, there are safer options you can try like food-grade diatomaceous earth or insecticides. If unsure, you can always contact professional pest control services to the job for you.