Ways to Prevent Cockroaches from Entering Your Property

Aside from eradicating all cockroaches in all life stages, it is also important that you do various ways of preventing these pests from coming back. There are few yet crucial steps that you should do to prevent an infestation from happening again.

Tips to Completely Get Rid of Cockroaches and Keep Them from Coming Back

There several simple steps that you can do not only to get rid of roaches but also preventing them from getting attracted to your home. These steps are the following:

Eliminate Food Sources

They are excellent climbers and can access your home in any possible way to get food. Among the most important things you should do in your property is getting rid of food, water, and shelter.

These pests rely heavily on the food that humans eat. Their diet is actually comprised of the same requirements as humans. One way to prevent them from coming into your home is by keeping any source of food away from their reach.

Some of the things you can do to make sure they won’t look for food in your home are:

  • Wipe off spillage, clean up food crumbs, and keep countertops and food preparation areas free from food particles.
  • Avoid placing leftover food on tables, kitchen counters, and desks.
  • Store dry foods in sealable containers.
  • Remove pet food and crumbs once your pets are done eating.

Get Rid of Liquids

Though roaches are able to without water for a week or two, they can still obtain moisture from any food with high water content. You should still remove any possible water sources, as they will still search for these.

Get rid of water from buckets and sinks. They will most likely stay in damp places. Make sure you eradicate standing water or any liquid around your property like cracks, crevices, vents, sewers and sinks. This will make your property less appealing to these pests.

Clean Cans, Plastic, and Bottles

It is given that most people simply throw away cans, plastic, and bottles after use. What you don’t know is that the residue from these items is inviting to these pests. While you may have put them for recycling, roaches can simply access these if not cleaned and disposed of properly.

Before disposing of these items, it is recommended that you rinse them properly before throwing them away.

Empty Trash Bins Regularly

Rubbish trash bins are prime reasons for these roaches to visit and even settle in your home. It is where they can get a wide range of food.

This is the mains reason why you should empty the bins regularly. If possible, do it every day to prevent giving these pests a chance to get into your home or business establishment.

They will try to scavenge on anything and everything. So try to keep them from coming in your property by simply getting rid of your trash and clearing your trash bins.

Make Cleaning Your Property a Habit

One crucial thing in achieving cockroach control and preventing a reinfestation is by keeping your property clean. As soon as you see any food crumbs or spillage, clean them up right away. Since these pests are active at night, always put away your pet food, drink, and litter trays,

In offices and workplaces, limit food consumption in workstations. This will prevent roaches from entering the workspaces and penetrating the vicinity.

Seal All Possible Entry Points

Caulk close all cracks and crevices around your property. If you see small gaps near doors, windows and weather stripping, seal the openings. As much as possible, keep a clutter-free lawn and trim plants, shrubs, and tree branches touching any part of your property.

Doing this will reduce potential hiding areas. You can also put boric acid mixed with sugar and flour on a possible point of entry to prevent intrusion. It is advisable that you immediately take action and perform pest control methods.