Western Conifer Seed Bug

You may not know a lot about this type of pest, but you have to immediately take action once you notice that there are a lot of these insects in your property. Get to know more about these insects and how you can control an infestation before it gets worse with the articles below:

How to Identify Western Conifer Seed Bug

One of the nuisance pests in most homes today is none other than the western conifer seed bugs. These bugs tend to enter buildings during early fall, late summer, or once cold weather kicks in. Western conifer seed bugs don’t sting or bite or cause damages to homes. Read more here.

Inspecting a Western Conifer Seed Bug Infestation

The western conifer seed bug is a type of Heteroptera or true bug. Western conifer seed bugs plague a big part of the continent of North America. With an appearance that looks like a strange hybrid between a locust and a beetle, western conifer seed bugs are often dark or reddish-brown in colour. Get to know more about this topic here.

Controlling a Western Conifer Seed Bug Infestation

The western conifer seed bugs are usually confused with the damaging brown marmorated stink bug and assassin bugs. But, it is easy to identify these insects by checking their lower hind legs that widen out to their sides shaped like a tiny leaf. Continue reading the rest here.

Preventing a Western Conifer Seed Bug Infestation

When winter season kicks in, the western conifer seed bug Leptoglossus Occidentalis will seek your home’s warmth. This bug is sometimes confused with cockroach, the biting kissing bug, and stink bug because of its somewhat similar appearance. Read the rest of the article here.

Treatments Available for a Western Conifer Seed Bug Infestation

Western conifer seed bugs are unique-looking insects originally observed in western United States that earned them their name. These bugs feed on immature cones and seeds of different species of hybrid trees and conifers. Click here to continue reading.