Why Consider Bird Control?

Birds are most often overlooked as threats. However, their presence poses a serious threat to various businesses. The presence of pest birds on your property comes with risks and you should be aware of it.

Though it is relaxing to see birds flying freely in the clear blue sky, there are nuisance birds that are associated with diseases that can be transmitted to humans. Bird control is not only necessary when there are bird infestations. It should also be considered when a variety of birds keep on disrupting your business operations.

Among the common establishment that face problems with birds are airports and they use solutions or systems to control these pests. Just like these big facilities, it is also necessary that you act immediately before infestations and risks get worse.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting Bird Control Solutions

There are a lot of reasons why you should get bird control products or services in your home or business. Some of these reasons are:

1.      Cause clogs in openings in houses or commercial establishments

Birds tend to build their roosting and nesting spots in hard-to-reach places like chimneys, vents, gutters, and soffits. Since they spend most of their time in such locations, their feathers can eventually get inside cooling and heating units.

2.      Bird droppings can cause health issues

Their droppings can carry a lot of bacteria and fungi causing diseases. These may include but are not limited to toxoplasmosis, salmonella, and histoplasmosis. If not treated properly, histoplasmosis can be life-threatening.

In addition, droppings can also cause slip and fall accidents that can result in serious injuries. These droppings can damage machinery, vehicles, and equipment because of the acidic content, especially from pigeon droppings.

3.      They can also attract other pests

The presence of birds can attract other pests like slugs, gnats, mealybugs, and mites. These pests are harmful not only to you, but also to your pets.

With these reasons, it is necessary that you get pest control solutions that can deter birds and eliminate them from your property.

Effective and Go-To Methods of Bird Control

When it comes to eliminating and preventing birds from entering your property, it is crucial that you use the effective methods that can provide successful results. Some of the methods that you can use are the following:

1.      Bird Netting

This is the procedure where plastic or nylon netting is attached to the bottom of rafters to close the area from birds. It will prevent any birds from accessing your property and keep them away.

2.      Bird Spikes

With this method, birds will find it difficult to land and roost on the area. This will keep them off the area and reduce their activities.

3.      Bird Wire

This also works like spikes. However, you must always remove grass and twigs to maintain its effectiveness. You can place this in areas where you see birds are frequently landing.

4.      Bird Nest Removal

If you want to reduce their population and want them out of your property, you should continue removing bird nests. You can either relocate it somewhere far from your home or if it is just small, dispose of it to prevent another infestation.