If you are living in a neighborhood near areas that are potentially inhabited by wildlife animals, puts you at a higher risk of a wildlife pest infestation. Regardless if these animals are accidentally or intentionally lurking around your property, you have to act fast before they do any damage or put your health at risk.

Get to know more about the possible wildlife pests that may infest your home and how to deal with them with the articles below.

Common Wildlife Pests in Canada

Check municipal and provincial regulations before you disturb any wildlife. Here are the most common wildlife pests in Canada. Continue reading here.

Wildlife Removal Solutions

Some animals such as squirrels, snakes, skunks, and raccoons are considered protected wildlife. In some states, a special license or permit is required before you can dispatch or remove wildlife from your property. Read more here

How to Keep Wildlife Pests Away

It is frustrating when pests are treating your garden like a pantry. There are various tricks to keep wildlife pests out of your property, but these methods usually don’t work on larger animals such as raccoons, deer, squirrels, and cats. Click here to learn how to keep any wildlife pests away from your property.

Common Infectious Diseases from Wildlife Pests

Wild animals can have diseases without looking sick, so you should only watch them from a distance. Always remember that close contact with these animals or their droppings or urine can spread whatever disease they are carrying to pets and humans. Learn more about these diseases here.