Among the creepy crawlies that you wouldn't want to see anywhere in your home are spiders. Get to know more about spiders, identifying an infestation, and all the treatments available for a spider infestation with the articles below.

Canadian Spiders Identification

There are approximately 96 unique Canadian spider species confirmed through different sightings. Since spiders seen in the country don’t feel bound to territorial lines set by humans, the distribution of these insects is always subject to change.Continue reading here

How to Find Spiders at Home

Spiders are creepy crawlies that can become a serious nuisance around and inside your home. Even though spiders might not really cause as much property damage as other pests, they can still be quite annoying and sometimes, even dangerous. Learn more about finding spiders at home here.

Inspecting a Spider Infestation

Homeowners never like spiders. After all, who would love to see those tiny weird pests crawling around the house, anyway? There are thousands of species of spider all over the world. Learn more here.

Types of Spiders in Canada

It is not really a big surprise that people cringe and run away every time they spot a spider on the ceiling or wall. Their movements are quite unpredictable and startling. They have sticky webs and gruesome hunting methods. Spiders are even associated with many myths that make them scarier than they actually are. Familiarize the different types of spiders in Canada here.

What Is The Life Cycle of a Spider

Every type of spider, from the smallest jumping spiders to the biggest tarantulas, has similar life cycle in general. Spider life is composed of three stages, namely egg, spiderling, and adult. Although the details of these stages can differ depending on the specific spider specie, they are still very similar. Learn more here.

How to Get Rid of All Spiders In Your House

Many people never like the mere thought of sharing their homes with creepy and crawling spiders. Although spiders do help in getting rid of insects and flies around the house, some of them are venomous and a spider bite needs treatment. Learn how to get rid of spiders here before anyone in the family gets bitten.

Can Spiders Bite Humans

Spiders are probably one of the most dreaded arthropods. Their eight legs and eight eyes are responsible for their creepy appearance. However, the majority of spiders are totally harmless. Discover more about spider bites here.

How to Prevent Spider Infestation

Not a lot of people like or love spiders. Despite being totally harmless small critters, no one wants to see spiders lurking or scurrying around their homes. Learn more on how to prevent spiders here.

Spider Control and Exclusion Tips

There are two main categories of house spiders – the hunter spiders and the web-building spiders. Hunter spiders consist of sac spiders, wolf spiders, fishing spiders, parson spiders, crab spiders, sowbug spiders, and jumping spiders. These spiders like being doors and if you find one inside your house, it’s possible that they entered accidentally and are looking for a way outside. Get to know some control and exclusion tips for spiders here.

Sanitation after a Spider Infestation

Some species of spiders such as the wolf spider don’t build webs and are free roaming. Others like the cellar spider build webs to catch their prey. Most spiders are beneficial because they eat other household pests such as flies and are harmless because their fangs are too weak or small to puncture your skin. Continue reading here.

Available Treatments for Spider Infestations

Most species of spiders create webs and this can help you determine if critters are present in your property. Spiders are usually found in dark, isolated areas. The shape and size of webs differ by species. You may see funnel-shaped or orb-shaped webs. Find out more about available treatments here.