Moles are some of the pesky pests that you don't want to see in your backyard. They can ruin your beautiful landscape and be a problem when left uncontrolled. 

Be more wary of what you should do once you see a mole tunnel and even a live mole on your property. Learn more about moles and how you can get rid of them with the articles below:

Mole Pest Identification

Moles have small eyes and ears. These furry creatures weigh between three and six ounces. They have emaciated hind legs and powerful forelegs that help them dig briskly in the ground. Read more here.

Mole Species in Canada

Moles have powerful front claws and cylindrical bodies. They live underground and come out rarely. Moles often leave visible ridges when they burrow. To know the different mole species in Canada, continue reading here.

How to Safely Get Rid of Moles in Lawn

Signs of a mole infestation include mounds of soil in the lawn. Mole lawn damage is usually most obvious in early summer and spring as well as in the fall because this is when the moles are near the surface. Learn how to get rid of these pests safely here.

How to Trap Moles in Your House

If you saw an animal that looks like a rodent inside your house, you might have encountered a mole. Most species of moles share certain features such as no visible ears, small eyes, broad forefeet, and short tails. Learn more here.

Mole Pest Control Methods

It’s possible to successfully eliminate moles from lawns and gardens, but it takes a lot of patience. You might need to try various methods before you find the right one to control moles in your yard. Click here to continue reading.

Inspecting a Mole Infestation

Moles create underground tunnels that can ruin your beautiful lawn and garden. These tunnels also allow other rodents to access your garden plants much more easily. Moles are commonly found where the soil has a lot of organic matter. Continue reading here.